Tuesday, April 8, 2008


April has thrown me for a little loop, I must confess! You guys did a FABULOUS job raising money for Rock Hill. Thank you SO MUCH! I am sure that it was an amazing day on Easter Sunday when they made that announcment! We should actually have video of that day soon!

When the Rock Hill well project goal was reached, I immediately had others asking how, when and where the April well would be. However, Spirit Liberia is not quite ready for their next well. They are busily purchasing land for the next church and getting quotes for the churches in the bush and needed a few weeks to get all of that lined up. Truthfully, I was a little crushed! "Oh no, what am I going to do? Lord, I thought this was going to be monthly". . you know, going to despair and confusion immediately, instead of doing the smart thing of simply asking the Lord, "Where are you leading us now?". As I prayed, the thing that kept popping into my mind was THIS POST by Katie Borchert (a fellow adoptive mama and friend who has traveled to Uganda many times) about Ruth Muga and Bethesda Int'l. Pretty quickly, I realized, "oh wait, maybe that's why we needed an April break. . .to give us a chance to have a special month dedicated to being a part of God's provision for Ruth and the children of Uganda!".

SO, our special April project is "Rapha School and Community Well" just outside of Jinja, Uganda! Please take a moment to read Katie's story of Ruth and her mninistry! Ruth is a native Ugandan woman who God kinda of threw into orphan minstry! She answered the call and now cares for over 200 orphans through orphanage, school and a special foster care system. She helps these kids live in foster families and then provides for those families so that THEY can do ministry on a more personal level with the kids, many of whom are HIV positive and double orphans! Right now, they have no clean water. They actually have to walk miles through the jungle to get water and a child recently died on this journey! So, PLEASE this month, help Rapha School and Community have clean water! This well will provide the school children with water as well as the foster families, the community and will even provide water for their self-sustainability projects for animals and farming!!

The quote for this well is $4900, but with paypal fees and our total to raise is $5000.
We have already raised $3965, which means we still need: $1035. If 104 people gave 10 bucks a piece these children could LIVE. Remember, one out of 4 children DIE because of the illness caused by lack of clean water! Please consider giving. Consider forwarding an email to friends and family (you can email me for a link to actually put in your email) or posting this on your blog! Let's help Ruth, her ministry Bethesda Int'l and the children of this community!!!

PS: If you are planning on giving a larger donation ($50 or more) and would like to give by check to cut down on paypal fees, please email me at Brandi@kidslake.org
PSS: If you'd like to help Rapha Community School, we are also raising funds for tuition ($10) and uniforms ($7). . so go to http://www.kidslake.org/ to donate there! I'll post about KidsLake tomorrow, b/c it's a chance for KIDS to raise money for KIDS all across the world and gain a passion for people and a perspective on themselves all at the same time!


amber said...

Awesome. Ruth and her ministry have been so heavy on my heart since I read Katie's post. I have been praying for her and am SOO glad that the Lord laid it on your heart to make this the April project. I will share it with "my people" :)

Love ya!!

Anonymous said...

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