Friday, April 4, 2008

PLEASE join me in prayer RIGHT NOW

I just got off Steffany's blog. The twins that I told you guys about last week are home now. They had made huge strides and were weighing 13 and 15 lbs earlier this week. However, their weight has been dropping and they were both admitted to the hospital. Here's what her blog said, "Diezel is not doing well at all! He keeps going in and out of consciousness. His body is cold. They were catheterizing him right now, and may be moving him to ICU. Please pray for the Dr.s to have divine wisdom to care for him. Pray for healing over his entire body. Pray for Daizey as she is also in the hospital. And pray for Stef and is so hard seeing your dearly loved children so sick."

Please drop whatever you are doing right now and lift these children and this family up to the Lord. I am sure that Steff's heart is just struggling not to panic right now as just last year they lost a little girl to Malaria in Liberia before they were able to pick her up. Pray for the twins and pray for Steffany and Adam to be surrounded by the Lord and his mighty angels. Please feel free to copy and paste this into emails to any friends and family or prayer lists you can think of. Steffany's blog is HERE to check for updates.

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S and K said...

Praying constantly!