Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Did you know that 1 in every 5 childhood deaths throughout Africa is caused by Malaria? In fact, every 30 seconds a child dies of Malaria. Do you know what this makes me think of?

Them. . . now, look at those faces and consider those statistics again. . they hit a bit deeper, don't they?

Guess what? You can help! Literally, you can help save lives! Our KidsLake project for the month of June is MOSQUITO NETS!!!! We will be working with Orphan Relief and Rescue to provide mosquito nets to some of the hardest hit orphanages in Liberia. These are not the kind of orphanages that have private funding pouring into them. These are the kind started by Liberian men and women who just start taking care of orphans as they come across them. . .some are gov't run (by a gov't with very little money!). Each mosquito net can cover 2-4 children. The orphanages that have bunk beds sleep 2 to a bunk, which means 4 kids per bed. You can save these kids lives. . all for $7!

The idea behind KidsLake is to get your kids involved! Teach them about Liberia and Malaria and watch God move their hearts to want to help. (hint: there is a KidsLake for Teachers and Parents page to give you resources!). My kids are already so excited. We will be doing a LemonAID for Liberia stand on Thursday and also next week. They are thrilled to make a difference and help protect kids in Africa from mean bugs that hurt them. Will you join us?

$7---4 kids----lives saved----www.kidslake.org


Wendi said...

love this post and the lemonade stand idea...we may have to duplicate that here...it's certainly hot enough :-)

Amy said...

Hi Miss B ! I've been stalking you for awhile. I am planning on changing my ways soon and becoming a commentor instead of a stalker. I love you soooooooooo much! Guess what? - I started a blogspot and your the first one to know. msamyc.blogspot.com