Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Free Books!! And Good Ones Too!!!

You've heard me talk about how amazing the book, Red Letters is. . now you have a chance to get a copy FOR FREE! Also, you'll get a copy of the book, The Art of Listening Prayer.

2 things. . .you've got to have a blog and you have to promise to blog about what you learned while reading! Got it? Now go to Tom's Blog and order your FREE books today! Let's do this together. . .I just emailed in for my free copy of Listening Prayer since I already have Red Letters! We can blog together what we are learning! Go to Tom's Blog NOW!!!


Anonymous said...

Thanks Brandi! And yes, go ahead and post it to the RLC site. - Tom

The Nahid Family said...

Yes, thank you so much. I ordered my copies today! Can't wait to read!


Missy said...

Thank you for this. I can't wait to get my copy of Listening Prayer.