Thursday, July 10, 2008

Celebrating Davis

Happy Birthday, sweet boy!! What are birthdays for if not celebrating life and reminscing, right? So, bear with me a moment. . . .One of the hardest things about adoption, sometimes is the fact that we missed their birth day. And, for my sweet boy, we missed your first 2 birthdays. I'm sorry, sweet little man. I know this will be hard for you later. I pray that the Lord will reveal to you your identity and will heal these wounds that the enemy inflicted. So, I won't have stories to tell about how snuggly you were as a baby (although knowing you, I'm sure you were a complete snuggle bug!) or how labor went and how you came into this world. But, you know what? We serve a God who redeems these losses. Who gives sweet little mercies in the midst. The cool thing is, I do get to reminsce. We found out about our sweet little man the week before your birthday last year. (You can read the whole story HERE.) In fact, we saw your sweet picture for the first time on June 29, 07. I'll never forget the day I first laid eyes on you. We were in a movie when Miss Donna emailed me the picture. My phone at the time couldn't download pictures. . .this about killed "Evan Almighty" for me! I was just dying to get to a computer so I could see my boy for the first time. Whether through birth or adoption, a mama always wonders, "Will I connect with him immediately? Will he be cute? What does his face look like?" So, I anxiously ran to my friend Ali's house (in Naples) and the first thing I said was "I need to use your computer!" I just sat there waiting for the file to download and then, there you were. Oh my. My eyes just filled with tears. I turned to Ali, "That's my son". The awe I felt in that moment was akin to reverence. I felt like I was drinking deep of God's blessing. We were SO thankful. Look at that boy!! God is good. We knew immediately in our hearts, you were our son!

3 days later, we celebrated your birthday (HERE). You may not have been here, but you sure were celebrated! Brayden and Gracie spent the day with Miss Jenny and she made cupcakes and had a birthday party for you at lunch while hanging your picture on a dining room chair. That night, Uncle Nate and Aunt Jess came over to celebrate. We took a video singing you Happy Birthday and they even brought presents (an Africa game and the Africa edition of Vanity Fair). We were so sad to not be able to cuddle you on that day and just prayed that Jesus would.

We knew, that this year, you'd be here. We'd be able to cuddle and twirl you around and make a big deal out of our boy! Why? Because we LOVE YOU!! Sweet Davis, you are our son and we are so proud. Daddy, Brayden, Gracie and I love you more than you'll ever know. God fit you perfectly into our family. You are Brayden's best bud and ball players together. You guys are so cute sharing a room and waking one another up in the morning to walk into our room hand in hand. You giggle at nap time and I have to tell you to stay quiet. You are also Gracie's little twin. You're about the same size right now and love to hang out together. You especially like to chase each other for hugs and tease one another. You crack each other up. Right now, you call her "Sacie" and want to run in and wake her up every morning. You are a joy as a brother to your siblings. You are a cuddle bug and have a smile that lights up the room. Your hugs and love and the way you look adoringly into our eyes melts us everytime. You are a joy to have as a son. I could go on and on. . .the joy you bring to our extended family and friends could fill blog after blog. We love you, sweet boy. We celebrate you today. We praise our Jesus and we celebrate Him for what He has done.

Love, Mama
PS More pictures will come later today! He's having his friends party at the pool this morning and then Grandma is making dinner for his family party tonight!


MAC said...

Happy birthday son!

Laura said...

Uncle Slim and I love you, sweet boy! Wish we could be there to celebrate! XOXOXO

Cindy said...

Awww! I'm teary-eyed from your sweet post!

Happy Birthday, Davis!

Cindy in WV

Rebecca said...

Happy Birthday Davis!

This is such a sweet post. It just brought tears to my eyes. Sweet Davis is definitely loved!

jena said...

Happy Birthday Davis. You are so precious and we love you and your family. Oodles of fun is our prayer for you today.

The Pack of Penners

Missy said...

Happy Birthday Buddy.
Love, Miss Missy

Cassie - Homeschooling Four said...

Happy Birthday Davis!!

Jman's momma said...

THAT GRIN!!! gotta love that first birthday home. Have a great day together. Anne

amber said...


We can't wait to meet you in a few months! Have an AWESOME day today!

lots of love,
The G's!

Kari said...

Happy Birthday Davis!
Know you are loved by so many!

Jess said...

oh my I was so looking at him today with amazement that it is the same sweet face we were staring at last year as an 8x10.

He is amazing and such a blessing!
it makes me cry just thinking about it!

Love you Davis...your Mama and Daddy are so blessed to have you!

Jared, Jen and Andon said...

Happy Birthday Davis!! We love you sweet boy!!

Mr. Jared just absolutely adores you and can't get enough of you! :)

Love, Jared, Jen and Andon

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Blog Shmog said...

happy birthday cutie pie!

Spankie said...

"The awe I felt in that moment was akin to reverence."

i love the way you described this feeling you had sister.

During a prayer group i go to i witnessed a man say, "good evening reverend!" and the reverends response to this elderly gent was.. " and in your presence I am very reverent indeed."

wow, Webster defines reverence as " profound adoring awed respect".

Note to davis..

you are truly loved little one, i have witnessed your mommas reverence for you.

may you grow in stature and
may all men revere you as you show reverence to our Lord with honor and humlity.



Frankie G

Donna Barber said...

It is his birthday already!!?? I am almost afraid to read the blogs these days and see how much time flies. Wow! Happy Birthday- Little Man!