Friday, August 15, 2008

Brayden's Bank

Brayden ADORES his fun bank that Granny and Papa gave him for his birthday. It roars like a crowd every time you put change in it and counts the change too. Yesterday, we had our first conversation where Brayden wasn't sure he wanted to give his money away.

I told him that it was his decision, but to remember that he'd been FREELY GIVEN so he got the OPPORTUNITY to FREELY GIVE. His eyes welled up with tears at the thought and I told him just to ask Jesus what to do. You could see the sacrifice and surrender happening in his eyes.

This morning, we counted out his bank and he had $7. That might not seem like much but it more than covered a kindergarten's basic supplies in Kenya for KIDSLAKE this month! We combined that with our savings from last night. Instead of hitting Chick Fil A at $18, we headed to Wendy's dollar menu and only spent $9. . so the savings of $9 was able to be added as well. I donated today and even let Brayden do the clicking on the computer. He was so excited! Consider joining us at KidsLake this month and joining God where He's at work in Kenya in the educational lives of 15 little orphans from House of Hope along with 15 children from their community!

PS: Fun Mom bit me in the butt yesterday! Brayden had a TOTAL meltdown at the pool, Davis didn't sleep much and after letting Gracie stay up for an HOUR, she still screamed her head off when I laid her down!


Donna Barber said...

Yes it can be that kind of day for moms. (ha)

Charity said...

Ha!! Roman did the same thing yesterday. Aries, Eman and I decided that it sounded like a bear was in his room eating him.

Gotta love kids!! Woo hoo!!!

Love ya,

Anonymous said...

let him keep his own hard earned momey.

Brandi said...


It's not hard earned. Brayden is only 4, he doesn't have a job! It's money he finds around the house or change we give him.

Second, it was his decision alone to give that money away and he was blessed by it. The Bible clearly states that it is better to give, more blessed, a learning tool and 100 other wonderful things that come from our giving, especially if it's sacrificial. I was extrememly proud of Brayden for his choice to give his money away.