Thursday, August 14, 2008

Fun Mom

Greg is out of town this week at a conference. . so, I'm trying to be a fun mom! This is hard for me sometimes!! I get in my mind, things that NEED to be done and focus on that more than just playing with the kiddos. Knowing that I'd be a bit more overwhelmed without my awesome hubby's help, I decided to plan out the fun. I'm writing about it now, b/c I need to remind myself how fun the kids can be as they are currently NOT taking their naps or cleaning up the mess they made WHILE not taking their naps. . aagh!

We've had a crazy week with lots of fun, but my one crowning FUN moment was last night.
Brayden came through my room to go potty at 11:30 last night. He asked quickly and sleepily, "Can I watch diving with you?". I answered that diving wasn't on and I was watching swimming. . then, in a moment of rarity I decided to be a fun mom. I invited my 4 year old into bed with me to watch the Olympics and headed to the kitchen for cookies and milk. We stayed up past midnight eating, watching gymnastics and swimming in amazement and cuddling. I even let Brayden sleep with me last night. He loves that!

Tonight, we are heading to parent's house for swimming (but they are out of town) and pizza. I think I may let Gracie stay up late tonight. I'd like to do that with Davis too. . but, with no nap. . that's not happening!

Here's to praying that I can stay fun for the next few hours. Greg will be home tomorrow afternoon and I feel myself fading. I'm trying to REALLY stay in God's Word this week as I sure do need His help!


Jared, Jen and Andon said...

You are such a fun mom! I love that you and Brayden were up past midnight eating cookies and milk and watching the olympics!
No, I haven't called your friend Jill yet. I will though. They are having that Ethiopian Fellowship meeting this Sunday and I want to go.
We are going to try Grace Community this week. And then Strong Tower. I did talk with Elizabeth today though. We are getting together for a play date tomorrow!! Andon is so excited to meet Owen.:)

Love you friend!! Jen

Kelly said...

What a gal!! Sometimes it is hard to break the routine, and "spaz"! The kids love it. Sometimes they think I have totally lost my mind or have been abducted by aliens, but those are the times they say "remember when!!" :o)

His Hands His Feet Today said...

It's hard to be a single mom! I just gone done with that "gig" for 8 days... so thankful to have daddy home! Praying the next 24 hours fly by :)

Cassie - Homeschooling Four said...

Way to go! Being fun sure is exhausting, isn't it?

Billie said...

ok...oreos at midnight? yea, you are WAY fun mom.

thanks for this reminder to sometimes step back and make decisions like that...i woudl be so quick to say, "get in bed!".your little guy will remember that time forever!

and yes, i always struggle with acutally playing with my kids.

Lisa said...

I love it!!! How fun!!! If my kids hear that they'll never want to go to bed again! :) lol Such a great idea, we'll have to do it! :)

auntie katie said...

just wanted to let you know that you are incredible. and in the prayers of ten little africans and a white mamma every day! thanks for your support :)

ill call you in a week!

Sunday said...

How random of you friend. Those are the best memory making momments. If you remember take pics next time to share with Bray when he's older! Love you, Sun

Christine said...

How fun! This is what building memories is all about.