Monday, August 4, 2008

Outside the Funnel

A concept discussed in one of our parenting books way back when. . was "parenting outside the funnel". The basic idea is not to allow our kids to do things that they can't comprehend. i.e. don't'hand your kid your keys when you just want to keep them quiet, because they are too little to understand why keys should be sucked on and why you won't let them run with them next time you get home. I was really good about this with Brayden. yeah. . you know the drill! As more kids come along, you become a slacker mom. In fact, Davis was playing with my iPhone within 20 min of getting back to the hotel!

Well, today, I learned my lesson! I got the lovely opportunity to spend the day with Lisa and her kids! (more about that once she emails me pictures!) Her son, Braeden wanted to play with my phone. She said no and I assured her, it was fine. I even showed him how to find the pictures. All fun and games, but kids are smart! So smart that they can find the reset buttons on phones. So smart that they can unknowingly erase the entire phone memory including pics and all contact info! aagh! Yep, I looked down at my phone to see a little thinking icon saying "Erasing"! Totally my fault! I learned my lesson. . no more parenting outside the funnel! I quickly told Davis he needed to give Lisa back her digital camera too! Too funny! Lisa kept trying to apologize, but it was my fault! I'm the stupid adult who hands my phone to kids because it makes them happy!

So. . .if you are reading this and we are friends who talk on the phone. . .how about shooting me an email with your phone number?


Cassie - Homeschooling Four said...

Ah, a lesson learned the hard way. Don't you love those? I'm not sending you my number, because you better know it by heart :)

Amy said...

Been there - a few times.
and not even quite sure if I learned my lesson.

Rusty & Jamie Laird said...

When Christopher was about 1 my mom let him play with their satellite remote. It was one of those old satellites that was the size of a hot tub. Anyway he put the remote into some mode we didn't even know the remote was capable of. My parents couldn't watch TV for 2 weeks until someone finally figured it out.

amber said...

Oh NOOOO! What a terribly ironic thing to happen to you, Ms. Cell Phone! :0)
Ya mean you didn't have all your contact numbers MEMORIZED??? C'mon, Bran! :)

I'll shoot you an e-mail with my number. Or maybe I'll call... I've been meaning to call anyway as soon as Peter's off (tomorrow morning early)... it's been mayhem around here getting things ready for his trip. Why, oh why, do we leave things for the last minute???

I love how you are looking at this positively and spinning it to see the lesson. Good one for me to be reminded of...

love ya!

Christine said...

Hey, we learn something everyday!