Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Rockin' and Requests

Many of you know my friend, Jocelyn. Her little man Isaac is in the hospital after major back surgery. With some complications, he is having trouble walking. So. . .lots of her friends have come together to dance for Isaac until he can dance again! I have been meaning to do this for a while. . but to get a good video of dancing children, they have to be in a good mood. . which has pretty much shot this week! ha ha However, they do have a new favorite activity. Greg just got Guitar Hero (why? I'll never know!). So, Greg and the kids "rock it out" every night. The boys grab their play guitars (as if Greg's is the "real" one) and rock with Daddy. Brayden is sure he is the KING of rock. He tells us how he can play without watching, while the guitar is behind his back, etc. It's so funny.

So, this is our own unique version of "Ode to Isaac" We like to call it Rockin' For Issac! Sorry the lighting's bad, it's a big grainey. . not our best work!

Hey, before I sign off tonight . .I have a request as well! As you know, I am involved in RLC and loving it! One of our big inititiatives for the fall will be to help Children's Hope Chest launch a brand new country program into Ethiopia. However, launching these new programs does take some capital. . .capital that will be used to start a program that will feed, clothe and care for THOUSANDS of orphans! You know what? God could take care of that whole $25,000 in one fell swoop. Easily. However, often times, He chooses to use US. That is so amazing to me. We, at RLC, really believe that the Ethiopia Launch will be sucessful in large part to efforts of bloggers like you and me. Of families that choose to donate sacrificially to something they believe in. . .we believe that the $5, $10, $50 and $100 donations will be what God uses to draw us together as a community to make a difference! Are you ready now? Are you pumped?

Here comes the request I mentioned. . .Do you make something or own a fun store or business??? Would you be interested in donating to the fundraising efforts of RLC? All donations will be used in a Project Ethiopia Raffle Fundraiser or auction. If you have any items you can donate, please contact Amy at Also, feel free to contact Amy with any questions.Anyone who donates for the RLC cause will get some great publicity from the RLC website. It's a great way for you to help a good cause while getting free advertisement for your business. We will also take donations of services (photography sessions) or vacation time (week at a condo). Please feel free to ask questions or make suggestions. We want to hear from you. This is gonna be REALLY cool if we get lots of great donations.Also, if your business would like to (or already does) donate a significant percentage of your earnings to orphan care somewhere, you can also be a part of RLC MALL! We're creating a complete online Mall where everywhere you shop, you'll know you are making a difference!


Cassie - Homeschooling Four said...

Just tell Greg I heard every missed note and I am ready for a re-match!!

julie said...

maybe gregs next glog could be about guitar hero! davis is really into it. isaac has got to be getting a kick out of watching these.

Laura said...

We will be in town on Saturday. let's have dinner together!

steffany said...

Love the dancing for Isaac.
We need to talk soon.

Jocelyn said...

great video... thanks!