Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Smells Yummy!

I am talking about Flicker of Hope candles, of course! My sweet friend, Missy (and fellow Liberian adoptive mama!) has the most wonderful line of home made candles.

Seriously, these are great candles. Every time someone comes over and smells them, they ask what I'm burning and where they can get them. So, here's your chance. Look HERE for their current inventory and email Missy at fohope@hotmail.com with your order and address.

Since I'm very into BONUS DEALS (is this the game show contestant coming out in me?), throughout October. . .all of the proceeds for these amazing candles will go to helping a family adopt a precious little girl from China who has a heart condition.

Help get this little one home and make your home smell AMAZING all at the same time! These are great for gifts too!!!

PS I ordered Strawberry Kiwi, Banana Nut Bread and Midnight Pomegrante I'll let you know how they are. . I haven't tried these scents, but everything else I've tried is GREAT! GO NOW!

PSS: Only a couple more hours to donate to AHOPE! I'll have the final numbers for you in the morning. . .it's bedtime here!

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Amy Taylor said...

I'm a visual gal, got any pictures of the candles?