Monday, September 29, 2008

Wheel of Fortune??

AS if I didn't have anything else going on this week. . .I decided to make life a bit more interesting!

I got a call from Jess and Cassie on Saturday night with the great news that Cassie had gotten a "callback" audition for WHEEL OF FORTUNE! Apparently, Sea World is hosting Wheel later this year so the Wheel Mobile came to town. . .This means that Sea World was hosting mini versions of the game in a pavilion on property.

Let me explain. . .I love Wheel of Fortune! While Brayden and Gracie were babies and were still waking up in the middle of the night, I needed at 20 minute show to watch. .to keep me awake but not get me too involved. Wheel of Fortune was the perfect show! So, I'd watch 2-3 shows a night.

Interestingly enough, Cassie mentioned that the Wheel Mobile would be back at Sea World on Sunday too. Yes, I have 100 things to do. . but, what the hey? I ditched my Sunday afternoon plans and convinced my friends, Amber, Jaime, Kelly and Cathy to go with me! Once you get there, you fill out an application; they put all the apps in the big turning drum and the game begins. Basically, they are looking for energy. They call up 5 contestants, have them introduce themselves and play a speed round of Wheel. They then give "call back" invitations for some of those people to audition the next day. Cassie had done this the day before. . .no surprise to ANYONE who knows her. . .and gotten a "call back"! Well, we weren't there 10 minutes before Cathy's name was called. We literally screamed our heads off. We were so excited for her!!! She, of course, got a "call back" letter as well. . .We credited her awesome screaming section! Well, Jaime Amber and I waited for 3 more hours to no avail. =( This was especially sad for Jaime who had hung out at the WheelMobile for 2 days now! We did run into other friends from Westwood that were there for their date day (how cute is that?) and SHE made it up on stage AND got a call back too. (again, we partially credit an awesome screaming section)

Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you one part. My sister, Brittani is also a huge Wheel fan. She didn't know about the Wheel Mobile at Sea World. . .BUT she happened to hav e applied online a few weeks back. They sent her an invitation in the mail for a "call back" audtion! Only problem was, she didn't know if it were for a family audition or single???? So, while at the Wheel Mobile on Sunday afternoon, I went ahead and asked a Wheel employee what Brittani should do. She immediately told me to just go ahead and go with Brittani and tell them that "Lisa said it was ok"

This morning, I left my house at 6:15, picked Britt up at 6:45 and headed to Sea World for the callback. This was a 2 part audition. It started with a popcorn version of the game where they just called out names for their turn (about 65 people were present). They were looking for people who guessed well. . and also had great energy. Brittani and I BOTH solved our puzzles when it ame to our turns. We acted like it was the real deal and jumped around hugging each other (we may be dorks!). Then, came a written test. This part was REALLY hard. I'm pretty sure I didn't do well, but Brittani did.

That was the end of the first round. Out of 65 people, 12-15 were chosen to proceed to the next round of auditions. Brittani and I were the last 2 names called!!!! We then, did a fake round of wheel. . .with all of the necessary cheering and hugging! Then (what might possibly be the most important thing that Wheel looks for) the introductions. We had to tell what we do for a living and for fun. . .both of us are just so very interesting that it was easy (haha!). The truth is, that I'm pretty sure this is one time in my life that the fact that not everyone is passionate about Africa actually worked in my favor =) I think we did pretty good!

We will not know for 3-4 weeks whether or not we were chosen as contestants on Wheel. I think we have a pretty good chance, ubt it probably depends a lot on demographics and who all has auditioned. So, you can pray that the Lord's will is done. . but surprisingly enough. . it just may include my sister and I on Wheel of Fortune!

*I'll add picutres later, when I get them

PS Remember that tomorrow is the last day to donate to AHOPE, to help feed children in Ethiopia! For every donation of $20 or more, you will get a free shirt or bracelet! Read below for more info. We still have $500 to go!


Scott and Erin said...

i can't wait until you're my famous friend! Love you :)

Melissa said...

Darn it! One more reason I wish we still had TV! I hope you guys make it though :)

Cassie - Homeschooling Four said...

Congratulations! I have a good feeling about you 2!

Erica said...

So cool! How fun would that be?! I love wheel so I'd be all up and crazy too!

Jaime said...

Sad for me, but CONGRATS to you both!!! I knew you would do well! Just remember how long I waited in the hot sun when you get your big winnings!

Love ya!

Ashley said...

...just so you know, I've always wanted to be on Wheel of Fortune!!

Kimberly said...

Oh my goodness, how neat! I hope you get selected--fingers crossed for y'all! =)

My own Wheel story: I went to a live taping of Wheel of Fortune when it was first popular, about twenty years ago. (I was a kid, and we were on a family vacation in California.) At the time (I don't know if you remember), you got to select your prize from a roomful of objects (couches, paintings, etc.), and there was always this weird statue of a Dalmatian dog. No one ever selected it, but it became the unofficial mascot of the show!

So when my family visited on vacation, what did my mom decide to dress me in for the Wheel of Fortune taping? You guessed it: a shorts-and-shirt ensemble festooned with dalmatians. I think I even layered my socks black and white! (Gotta love that 80s fashion sensibility!)

Here's hoping you make a better fashion choice when you're on the show! ;)

Rebecca said...

Oh, I hope you get on the show! I love Wheel of Fortune too! I used to watch it with my mema all the time. She had two tv's and wheel was on two channels, one about 10 seconds ahead of the other. She would watch the 'slower' channel in the front room, and I would run back and forth to the back tv to find out the answer so I could solve the puzzle. She was so impressed with my intelligence (or pretended as though she didn't know my little secret :)

Good times! Let us know if you make it!

Cindy said...

YAY!!! How exciting! Fingers crossed you two get chosen! How cool would that be?!
Hee-hee....I can then say, "Oh yes, I knew her blog before she was so famous!" ;o)