Saturday, September 27, 2008

YOU PICK!!!! Everyone's a WINNER!!!

I talked to Marissa this morning, from AHOPE, and they are ready for us!

For every family that donates, you can CHOOSE a free shirt

OR a beautiful bracelet! The bracelets feature not only the AHOPE logo, but the symbol for hope in Amharic and the name of a child at AHOPE to remind you to pray!
Simply click the donate button below, then email me with your item choice and color or size choice!

Help spread the word by posting this on your blog TODAY (only 4 days left!) or emailing your yahoogroups, friends or family! This is a great opportunity to make a difference and be enormously blessed by a sweet little gift that also will double as an opportunity for you to spread the word and be reminded to pray for the ministry of AHOPE!


Scott and Erin said...

hi pretty lady!

1. i am excited about these shirts.

2. can you please post about the gameshow situation?

Amy Taylor said...

Thanks again for posting this. Can't wait to get my shirt - well, my son's shirt!

Melinda said...

Hey Brandi,
I will take a bracelet for my donation. My girls have a t-shirt already and I love the bracelets. Praying your goal amount was reached!

Jenn said...

Wondering if you know your donate link isn't working....