Monday, October 27, 2008

Ode to the Glogger

Happy Birthday, Glogger Greg! Greg turns 30 today! whoo, I am married to an old man. hehe. . .it's particularly funny since MOST of the people reading this are way older than that too!

You probably thought when you saw the title of this blog that it would be a glog. (If you don't know what a glog is. . check my right sidebar. Under posts by topic, click Greg's Glogs and enjoy reading!) Unfortunately, I do not have the same skill or confidence to write the things that my hubby does. . I just sit in the background and throw out ideas! He HAS said that glogs would come with holidays, so I will personally request that he use some of his work day to try to write his own Birthday Glog. You are definitely missing a Uganda Glog too!

What to say about my husband? There is SO much to share. He is not only a glogger, but a husband, father, brother, son and friend as well. We have 3 of the most amazing children ever created and he is one of the best dads you'll ever see. Our children ADORE their daddy. He wakes up in the morning every day with the boys at 6:30 so that I can stay in bed and Gracie's first words EVERY morning are "where's Daddy?". She is a daddy's girl through and through. She often says, "That's my dad" and has him pretty much wrapped around her little finger! Greg treats her like a princess and she's going to have a hard time finding a man after having a dad like this!! The boys on the other hand, get rough and tumble dad. They wrestle at all times and in various ways (that sounds like a Bible verse!) throughout our house. They take off their shirts and "play their bellies". They laugh at boy humor together, which mom does not find funny. =) He also teaches them how to be men, to treat Gracie and I well, to respect others and to pray to our Savior. One of my favorite things to do is to listen to Greg put the kids to bed at night. He always takes time to "say verses" together. Brayden knows at least 25 Bible verses (many of them quiet long) and Gracie and Davis know 5-10. He spends time with them, helping them sow scripture into their hearts and understanding what it means. What a great Daddy and a great role model. It is said that we develop our understanding of who God is based on our fathers. . .I praise the Lord that my precious children have been given a dad like Greg.

Greg and I have had a great year in our marriage this year. After years of serving the Lord in various ministries, we finally have a shared passion. It has been amazing to serve the Lord together in a passion for the poor, especially in Africa. To pray together, plan together and look for ways to be involved has been thrilling. Even the side projects that I do, Greg fully supports and encourages. We truly have a shared passion. Going to Uganda together this month was another amazing experience and journey in our passion to serve. It has been so fun to watch. . .and watch I do. You all know that I'm pretty "out there" with my passion. It's not hard to see. Greg is a bit quieter. . so, often I wondered, "Is he really into this? Does he care as much as I do?" and then I see. . .I see it when he tells stories of meeting with people and pulling up my blog to show someone the latest project. Of connecting with friends. . .and then sharing how he invited them along on our next Uganda trip. Of wondering aloud if we'll ever move to Africa. . .of brainstorming and dreaming with me and with others on how to raise money for this project or that one. This new shared passion and vision has taken our marriage to the next level and is a wonderful joy to both of us. Greg, I love your heart for Africa and for it's people. I love your passion to serve the least of these. I love your broken heart over tragedy and pain. I love your passion to see others hear and know of their Savior who loves them. . .and I love serving alongside you!

Greg is also a great friend, brother, son, etc. . .he has recently joined facebook which is cracking us ALL up! He has connected to over 100 old and current friends in just a few days. . .and we are pretty sure that with facebook on his iPhone that it may be all he does during the day! (haha) What cracks me up though.. and is indicative of Greg is that he not only is making them his "facebook friends" but is emailing back and forth and actually getting caught up with these people!!! (and inviting them to Uganda too!) Greg jokes that he's not personable (ok, we all do!) but the truth is that he is an AMAZING friend who sticks through thick and thin. He will ALWAYS make you laugh. . at yourself and at him. . .and puts people at ease through his teasing. Just ask any of my friends who have received the most random text messages ever!

Thanks for being an amazing husband to me, father to our children and friend to so many. I love you, Babe! Happy Birthday. As much as God has changed our lives in the past 2 years. . .I can't wait to see what He has in store for the rest of our lives!


Brittani said...

What a sweet GLOG. Happy Birthday, Greg. I must say, of all the things I learned about Greg in this GLOG, I am most comforted by learning that I am NOT the only one he has been sending random text messages to. Whew! Good to know. Love you, Greg. Have a great day!

MAC said...


Thank you for the wonderful thoughts and words. I love you and am thankful for our lives together. Looking forward to my birthday present(s)...if you know what I mean.

Amber S. said...

Oh to follow up the above comment. I wish I knew how to make a yucky face in emoticons! :-) This was such a sweet dedication to your hubby and we are blessed to know the two of you and be witness to your example of a happy, loving, fun marriage. Happy 30th Birthday Greg! Thanks for paving the way for us young folks! ;-)

Vanessa said...

HAPPY 3-0!!

Jen said...

Happy Birthday Greg!!

This was such a sweet post about your hubby Bran! :)

Dearest Jessica said...

Happy Birthday Greg! You sure are lucky to have Brandi as a wife!

(Bran it's his Birthday,you have to be nice to him. Turn of the lights it will be over quick)

MAC said...

Jessica... I don't know what you are referring to? Brandi got me some new socks and a couple of dvds for my birthday, henec present(s).

Were you referring to sex? If so she counts that a privilege. I am one good looking guy.

The Bayou Belles and Their Beau said...

Happy Birthday, Greg, you youngun'!

Melissa said...

LOL-the comments are hilarious!

Your thoughts for your hubby were really sweet and you are blessed. Both of you are

I love the Facebook reference. It is so addicting and I have decided it's something to do with this age. When I turned 30 I joined MySpace and reconnected with folks fom high school, I've since moved up in the world :)

Cassie - Homeschooling Four said...


I say, hold him to the socks/dvd comment :)

Greg, welcome to the 30's!!

Anonymous said...

Funny, funny! that Greg, you never know what might come out of his mouth! Funny, it reminds me of someone else I know! What a sweet tribute to your husband Brandi. He is such a good glog! Hope your day was special Greg! Love, Christie

Anonymous said...

30 - Wow Greg - I wish I were 30 - did you know I have a 21 year old daughter.

Paul Durand

Anonymous said...

Greg - 30 Wow! I wish I were 30 - do you know I have a 21 year old daughter.

Paul Durand

Anonymous said...

Greg - Also - Since I'm old enough to be your father - a little fatherly advice - STOP wearing flip-flops to church.

Paul Durand

Anonymous said...

I am turning 30 soon. It does feel old. Sorry if that offends anyone.