Thursday, November 13, 2008

I'm Not Scared

I've been tagged. . by my crazy fun sister. I know some people hate these meme things. . but, not me! I love reading other people's tags. You always learn something. . .and usually something odd too. Just read Steffany's old tags and you'll definitely learn something =)

Here's my problem: I have a VERY hard time answering the tags. Why? Because to answer a question about what "I'm not afraid to admit" means that I kind of have to figure out what other people WOULD be afriad to admit. . .I know you are also supposed to answer these with things other people "may not know" means you have to figure out what people do know or think about you!

Well, here goes nothing:

1. I had a very long, very awkward time. . .I mean HOMELY from about 7-16. Since 16 I've pretty much looked just like I do today.

2. I hate heights but have been bungy jumping before. I was at the top getting ready to jump (kneeling in fear) when I struck up a conversation with a 16 year old kid up there as well. He asked me if I was scared. I answered, "yes, but I know where I'm going if this thing breaks!" I asked him, "how about you?" When he answered that he didn't have a clue where he'd be, I took the opportunity to challenge him to consider his eternal future once he was done bungy jumping. Yes, I witnessed to a kid while bungy jumping. I'm weird!

3. I've always made friends in weird ways. When I was 13 I met a girl at a Christian Music Festival and we are still friends today! A few months ago, Jess and I ran into a girl at the mall playground who had been in my birthing class when I was preggo with Gracie. . .we found out that her friend read my blog (through another friends') and was doing foster care. Jess and I immediately invited them over to my house for lunch! I also consider MANY of my blogging friends to be "IRL" (in real life) friends too now.

4. I talk about wanting to move to Africa. . but the truth is that I hate rice! And spicy food!

5. I have a horrible singing voice. Truly bad. My friends even make fun of me for it.

6. I have an extremely addictive personality. This is why I don't drink at all. I'm already having to deal with my Coca Cola addiction on a regular basis!

7. I am a MAJOR multi-tasker. I am currently watching Chuck, listening to the boys play outside and blogging.

8. I am sometimes lonely. I have a very spread out group of friends. . .2 or 3 friends here or there in different groups of people. . .I also feel like for many of my friends, I have "switched the contract" on them in the last year. . .I think sometimes people don't know how to handle it or me. . that whole "too much" thing from Captivating.

9. We definitely want to adopt again and we want to continue having "stair step" kids. However, we will probably wait a few years, then adopt a little girl just under Gracie's age from Africa (not sure what country)

10. Greg was my first boyfriend, our first kiss was on the day we got engaged, I knew I was going to marry him before I ever even fell in love and so did he, we knew we'd get married before we ever started dating.

11. My idea of a dream meal is a double cheeseburger value meal super sized with coke! Not necessarily a steak dinner.

12. Part of the reason for #11 is because I'm cheap. I was cheap even as a child. When we were with my dad's clients at country clubs, they would have to give me the menu without prices. If not, I would just order soup!

13. Sometimes I try to figure out if one of my kids really is my favorite. I never can. . .I mean, come on. . .Brayden's sweet spirit and twinkly eyes. Davis is African. .and that smile. Gracie? Well, she's just stinking cute and has the sweetest voice ever (when she's not whining!)

14. I have never been super popular. There were groups, in middle school, high school and currently, of people that just do NOT like me.

15. I've never been camping. . thus, Uganda was my first experience in peeing outside. I learned quickly and actually taught Christine how to pee in the hole (it does take some serious skills!)

I now tag: Jess (she's been a horrible blogger lately), Steffany (b/c her lists always make me roll with laughter), Jena, Melissa, Vanessa (my new blog commenter who I've been horrible about reading hers!) and Andrea PS: check out these cool girls while you are at it. I'm making a new rule that everyone must answer this tag within 48 hours!


brooke said...

now.... go back and read 10 and 12. Funny :-)

Melissa said...

#15 wouldn't think so, but it does take some serious talent to pee in a hole. Took me three weeks to master it completely :)

Kari said...

So on #5 your singing - that is something I think is so sweet. I love that even though you don't sing very well, you don't care and you sing your heart out to God!

Kelly said...

#15 - clearly you aren't a drinker or you would of already been forced to do this! :)

Amy said...

your number 11 is much like my own! sustitute that double cheesburger for a mcchicken and diet coke and i'm golden!

Jen said...

Wow sweet friend, love your honesty! I was tagged too and haven't got to it yet... I miss you so much!

I was vacuuming yesterday and you crossed my mind!? Thinking about the retreat, being roomies and also the snuggling!! :) haha..

Love and miss you! Jen

steffany said...

You always do this to me.:)

The thing is, you're things are always charming. Mine? Well.....

I love your little mind play you do on yourself before you start. It's very, who's on first.

How many do I have to commit to?

Vanessa said...

Mission tag complete!! LOL!!
Oh #15 hhmmm I think our bayou babies here learn this by the time they're one! Me on the other hand..well it took a little longer!!

Anonymous said...


I have known you from before you were 7 years old and you were NOT homely from 7-16! You and Brittani were the cutest girls ever! I could always see Jesus shine on your face.

Love Ya!

Dianna M.

Ashley said...


Oh man, if only Micky D's existed in Liberia! My mouth is watering at that grossly greasy and salty mess of goodness! And, a real Coke!? With ice!? AHHH!

Andrea said...

Oh, this is going to be hard!! I have to start thinking!

Lindsey said...

i love it. i feel like i know you so much better. thanks for sharing!

amanda said...

C'mon do you really think I can bite my tongue and not respond to #'s 1 and 14
#1 If you brushed your hair once and awhile it would help.

#14 We like you -- we just think you are annoying.

love amanda

Andrea White said...

#13-Whoever is annoying me least at the moment is my favorite--which means most days it is NOT Emily, Kevin or Carter!!!! Once Nathan starts moving and talking, he'll probably be off the list too!!!!
#3-- you forgot to mention pestering people until they can no longer ignore you and then eventually they even like you!!!!

steffany said...

Okay, I finally did it.

Flamingo Mama said...

I love reading these! It helps getting to know people! I know what you mean about the "too much thing" I think others can think it's "too much", but it is also hard to identify with others...once God opens your eyes to something, it's hard to focus on discussions on fashion, home decorating and exoctic vacations when you really could care less now;)