Tuesday, December 9, 2008

New China Update

I received an email from our contact in China. They are THRILLED with the excitement being raised throughout America to get these families blankets for winter!

2 GREAT things to report:

1. She found big quilts for $7 a piece!!!!! Whohoo! That brings our need down from $2222 to $1554!
2. We have currently raised: drumroll please. . .$636! Keep it coming! Christie in Orlando is doing a Hot Chocolate Stand outside of her home with her 2 boys this evening. Pray with them! Another adoptive mama of a precious China girl, Jaci from Orlando is hosting a Tastefully Simple Party where all of the host credit will be donated. Consider going to Tastefully Simple to check out their yummy products and emailing Jaci with your order (jacicromer@cfl.rr.com)

Thanks to those who are writing about this on their blogs and helping spread the word! Keep it going!!!

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Ileana said...

That is so awesome. What a great cause!!!

Oh, and just wanted to make sure you check out this site. We are aiming to INSPIRE THE WORLD IN JUST LESS THAN 25 DAYS!!!


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