Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Laughter Lives Tuesday

Laughter Lives
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I thought this would be a great time to share my FAVORITE story from Brayden when he was little.

Brayden was just 20 months old when baby Gracie came along. One thing to know about our house is that we have no closets. This is great for a small house because it maximizes space ~ it also maximizes sound! Keeping Brayden quiet while Gracie was sleeping was difficult, but the biggest challenge was keeping him out of her room (which used to be his). One day while Gracie was asleep in her room, we noticed Brayden reaching up to open her door. We immediately corrected him. He flipped around with his finger pointing at us and said, "I can do all things 'frew' (through) Christ." We, of course died laughing. Had I been quick enough, I would have replied, "spare the rod, spoil the child." I can use scripture too!

Alas, any funny post would be amis without mentioning the funny guy of our family. . . my nephew, Bradley. You can read my sister Brittani's blog. . .but I'm the one sharing the story!

He is in school this year and was working on his homework the other day. His homework was to practice writing. He needed to write one line of 1's, one of 2's, one of F's and one of G's. He started with the letters and then moved on to the numbers. After writing a whole line of F's and G's, he began his 1's. He wrote first one 1 and then 2. . .sighing with frustration he erased them both and began again. He wrote one 1 and then the 2nd. . then sighed with frustration again and erased them. He tried a 3rd time, getting more and more frustrated each time. Finally Brittani stepped in to find out what was the matter. "Bradley, you understand the homework, right? You did so good with your line of F's and G's, just do the same with your 1's." Bradley answered, "I keep trying, Mom. . but, my 1's keep turning into 11's!" I did NOT make that up, people! Tell me that's not one of the funniest things you've ever heard!


The Burk Family said...

Too funny!
I have a simular story about my nephew. One night while babysitting him, he became scared. So I had a little talk with him about the power of the name of Jesus,(every knee must bow) This seemed to comfort him. However, a few nights later, I was trying to make him take a bath. He replied with, "I don't want to take a bath and in the name of Jesus, I don't HAVE TO."
Hard to argue with that! LOL

Cassie - Homeschooling Four said...

Both stories are hilarious! I had forgotten about that one with Bray and Gracie. Atleast you knew he knew his memory verse :)

Anonymous said...

My five year old nephew had been writing his "e" correctly for quite a while. My sister noticed that he had started writing his "e" backwards. She was starting to get concerned about it and finally asked him why he was writing the "e" backwards. He replied, "It's not backwards, Mommy, I wrote it in FRENCH!"

Needless to say my sister had to REALLY control her laughter, but immediately called me to tell me how funny and imaginative her boy is.

Dianna M.

steffany said...