Thursday, January 22, 2009

Painting Joseph's Miracle

Meet Joseph: Joseph has a bad heart and needs surgery. He cannot get this in Liberia. His parents love him dearly but are unable to obtain the medical help that he needs.

Meet Emmanuel Alonso. Emmanuel was adopted by my friends, Charity and Igor! He too had a bad heart and but now he is better as he had surgery to help fix it. Emmanuel has a heart so big that he is now helping another boy-Joseph- get his miracle too. You can help!! Emmanuel is a very talented artist and he is using his God given talent to making paintings to sell to raise the funds for Joseph's heart. Please go to the following link-

Help be a part of this amazing miracle for Joseph.


Terri said...

What a sweet and tender heart he has !!!! We ordered a painting for you for your birthday. (and one for myself as well :)

jodes said...

Thank you for posting this! I just ordered a painting. And i have a feeling I'll be ordering more!

Brittani said...

That is so neat. Thanks for sharing all of these great opportunities with us :) PS I love your new blog layout. So cute

Lauren said...

What an amazing boy!
I love your blog's new look too:)