Monday, January 26, 2009

Brayden's trip to disney

Last weekend, Brayden got one of his Christmas presents from Nana and Grandad ~ a night at a Disney Hotel!!! They picked Brayden up at 2 on Friday afternoon and headed down to the Fort Wilderness Lodge. They spent the next hours exploring the hotel and finding ducks in the pool, a pretend geiser and lots of other attractions. They went to the hotel restauarant for dinner which included lots of silliness. They make the patrons stand up and do the hokie pokie during dinner! They also have a weird ketchup tradition where as soon as one table asks for ketchup, someone brings them 15 bottles of it. . .but only until the next table needs it! Then, that table has to run it over. Brayden thought it was so fun. They headed to the toy store after that. My mom said it was so sweet because Brayden immediately asked what he could get Davis and Gracie! He LOVED his new Buzz Lightyear and was thrilled to be able to get presents for his brother and sister too.

The next morning they went to Disney. . .However, Brayden is more of a Sea World and Animal Kingdom guy and at Disney he's just content to people watch (or in this case BE in the presence of Nana and Grandad). They did get to run into our friends the Shimel's while there though! So, they stayed just a couple of hours then headed to the movies to see Hotel for Dogs. . .way more Brayden's style!

He had a blast! They took lots of pictures and he talks about the fun things he did all the time. Gracie is already talking about her and Anna's birthday present coming up (in MARCH!) where they get to spend girl time with Nana and Grandad and have dinner with Cinderella in her castle! Davis will be planning his Nana and Grandad time soon too. It was such a special weekend for Brayden and so precious to see how the kids missed each other. . I had to answer the question, "Where is Brayden?" about 1,000 times! Thanks Mom and Dad!

And now. . for the pictures. . in no particular order (sorry!)


Brittani said...

it looks like he had a blast! How great are our parents?! Anna can't wait for her castle trip with Gracie, either :) they are going to have so much fun! Those pics were great. Good job, mom

Jen said...

oh my goodness, how special was that!? i bet he just LOVED his day with nana and granddad!! love that sweet boy of yours! :) and those parents of yours!

i just did a couple of scrapbook pages from last year and Brayden is in a few of the pictures. i took some pics of it to show you..

love you! Jen

Vanessa said...

What an awesome gift!!!

Cassie - Homeschooling Four said...

What a fun day! Cute pictures!

Kari said...

What a special day with his nana and granddad! Brayden looks like he had a great time. He is smiling so big in all the pictures!

Amber S. said...

It was so surprising and fun to see them when we had all just arrived at the Magic Kingdom! Always honored to make it in your blog, and I think that was Tucker's first appearance!