Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Seriously????? A $155,000 dog?


A family in Boca Raton just spent $155,000 on cloning their dog. Yep, a Yellow Lab that now costs the same as. . .

48 wells / latrines put in by LifeWater Canada
22,142 Mosquito Nets through Orphan Relief and Rescue
31,000 bowls/spoon sets for children in Haiti
4,558 children sponsored for a full year with HopeChest
4,189 children sent to school for a year in Uganda
15,500 children fed by AHOPE in Ethiopia

As much as this simply astounds me, I really don't want to stand in judgment of this family in particular but what does this say about our nation? Possibly, in this family's finances $155,000 is the same waste of money (percentage wise) as our Christmas splurge, Vacation Budget or something similiar. I have personally grieved over what I spent on our last dog. . .crying out to the Lord, "I didn't know, I'm sorry". Lord, change our hearts. Let us live in awareness of those around us and their needs. Let us use our money as a sacrifice to you for YOUR work.

Our giving statement at church reads, "Because we believe all that we have is a gift from God, we choose to make our giving an act of worship". May that be true of the Church in this day and age.


Vanessa said...

Brandi, It amazes me just how much money is wasted here in the USA. Many people think they can look the other way and God will understand! What they fail to realize is that their wealth is God's gift to them and He wants them to help others with it!! Use it to do His work!!
I work hard on my missions in Guatemala and it's hard to convince people they can do without their Starbucks coffee for a day to help an orphaned child!! It truly saddens me to see the greed our nation has!!

Amy said...

It's true. Even the people like me, who think we dont waste money, do.
I have visions of the day I die, facing my SISTERS who lived in Africa and having to explain why I didnt help them more. Explain why my kids ate like royalty, while thiers starved to death. I'm going to be really ashamed of myself if that day comes.

Shauna said...

This is a good post for me. I feel like my eyes have been opened for the first time this fall (my mother-in-law lived in Uganda for 2 months and opened a small orphanage). Everytime I begin to think "I deserve this" or "I need this" - I now have a whole new meter or realization of how sinnful that is. God has been so patient with me!

Kelly said...

I saw that... crazy! Hope you are doing well!

Brittani said...

that is crazy! I agree that our nation, as a whole, has lost sight of what is "worth the money". we don't think about how the money could be better used... we only think, "I want it... I have the money... let's get it." That is why people like YOU are so important, Brandi. You cause us to STOP & Think About What In The World We Have Been Doing. You help us to realize that just doing OK isn't good enough when we COULD BE DOING GREAT! Thanks, Brand.

Andrea said...

Crazy crazy crazy!

Jackie Sue said...

Always makes me think how we spend our money. Just the other day Catherine and I were talking about a particular camp that her friends will be attending...I said to her that even if we could afford for her to go, I was sure that I could not justify it when the cost alone could support several children in Africa FOR A YEAR!!!!