Thursday, February 12, 2009

Deadlines fast approaching

Within the next 2 weeks, the deadlines for our April trip to Uganda are approaching. Please be in prayer for the women (awesome blogger buddies) and the Pastors they are approaching. We want what GOD wants for this trip and who HE wants to be on it. Pray for clear direction and major provision for each person.

One of the girls, Debbie, is approaching 4 smaller churches to see if they'll combine forces and sponsor an orphan community together. She has been asked to speak at a BUNCH of different functions to share her heart and asked me to help by creating a slideshow. So, I thought I should post it here too! Watch, and be moved to pray. . for us, for the kids and for the movement of GOD!

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Anonymous said...

Have you guys talked to anyone at Summit Church? They are very involved in African missions (one of their pastors has adopted 4 children from Ethiopia and they do several short-term mission trips to Africa every year) and might be interested in this project . . .
~Whitney W