Monday, February 9, 2009

Exodus and Leviticus

I completely missed blogging about Leviticus! I had SUCH a hard time in this book and have had a harder time in Numbers so far. . but today was a breakthrough day for my relationship with Numbers. haha

First, though (since this is my journal that I'll print off!) I have to mention something so precious from the last few chapters of Exodus. Exodus 34 talks about Moses' time with the Lord. When he would come out, his face would shine so brightly that he actually had to wear a veil around the Israelites. Oh Lord, I want to shine like that. I want people to just SEE Jesus on me. I love my friend, Jackie Sue because she spends her Jesus Time on her front porch and she regularly teases that her family will "send her to the porch" if she's having a rough day. The same is true for me. . .I know that people can tell if I HAVEN'T spent time with the Lord. . .but can they tell when I have. Will my intimacy with the Lord so change me that it is apparent? Jesus, I want that to be true!!!! It was such a precious lesson from the end of Exodus. Man, I never thought I would love that book as much as I did this time around. I was SOOOOOO sad to enter Leviticus!

Have I told you that if you are following this Bible reading plan (3 chapters a day and 5 on Sundays. . start now!), you should bookmark Pastor Jon's blog? Let's just say that a number of times during Leviticus I emailed him saying, "I sure hope you are going to blog about this because I have NO clue what I should be learning here!"
Tidbits from Leviticus:
  • 5:1 When you witness a wrong, you are required to testify about it. . .it is a sin not too! I didn't realize this was in the Bible.
  • He is All about relationship. Over and over again, HE reminded them about their relationship saying, "I AM the LORD your GOD, who rescued you from Egypt".
  • We are unclean. . .I had a real struggle finding something to learn in all of the ceremonial cleansing chapters, but Pastor Jon pointed this one out. Just a reminder, we are unclean and do nothing that grants us passage into the Holy of Holies
  • He is in the business of making all things clean. No matter how unclean the issue was, He had a solution for it. I wonder if He was showing them HOPE? Don't worry. . .HE can make all things new / clean.
Man, I'm thankful for Pastor Jon! Thanks for helping me see the bigger picture and using my time in Leviticus (of all books) to promote intimacy in my time with Jesus and remembering that I am unclean, but He is in the business of relationship with me and making me clean!

This is long enough. . I'll do a whole blog about Numbers tomorrow! I know. . you are sitting on the edge of your seat, huh?


Jackie Sue said...

The consistency of scripture amazes I'm studying Daniel relationship is the main deal too. Over and over again....still today isn't that the deal? BTW, I stole some time away yesterday and sat on my porch...the little birds from the north are visiting...its my favorite time of year for my porch 'cause I love how those little birds flit around...keep reading and keep sharing, you sweet thing :)

Jman's momma said...

ooohhh! That is good stuff. That actually makes sense to me. Hmmm, I suppose I could get off the computer AND READ!!! after I post though :)