Sunday, February 22, 2009

Google Silliness

I've seen this on a couple of sites and thought it would add some fun silliness to my blog. . . .my mom was just teasing tonight that my blog was so serious!

**the idea is just to google, "Brandi needs" with your name of course, and see what pops up

1. Brandi Needs: a home
Yes I do. . .for dumptruck! Anyone know someone who wants Dumptruck? They can even write a check to HopeChest and the money for him will go to school for the kids at Rapah!

2. Brandi Needs: your positive vibes
Um, no. Prayers? yes. Positive vibes do nothing for me!

3. Brandi Needs: to keep the toughness inside, but look like a soft, supple model on the outside
That's weird

4. Brandi Needs: an SLR
Definitely! I love new cameras. Unfortunately, mine is dying and I'm going to have to take back the one I loaned out to my friend! Sorry, Jess! It still has a few weeks left in it!

5. Brandi Needs: To obtain a sales position that integrates my business experience with my passion for marketing
Oh my! Yep, I need something ELSE on my plate! No, google! stop!

6. Brandi Needs: to come back to this side of the ocean
Awe.. .I was told this recently by our sweet friend, Joseph in Uganda! Hoping that at least a couple of you will think this when I go there. hehe

That's all that was understandable on the first page. . .was that light and fun? I know it didn't have pictures, but I promise some tomorrow from our day on Saturday at the T-Rex Restaurant and store!


Joyful Living said...

Oh post this with my name is just too embarrassing....I guess my name is associated with "LiLo" and needless to say, there is way too much inappropriate drama to mention on this thing! ha...loved reading yours though...and if I had a spare dump truck, I'd hand it over! :)

Andrea said...

That was fun ;) Have a wonderful week!

Dearest Jessica said...


Kristen said...

start praying the Lord provides a job/home/yard for us and we'll take dumptruck off your hands!

amanda said...

does Greg know you are trying to give poor little dumptruck away? Michael would love to have him - if our dog dies - I'll call you.

love amanda

Vanessa said...

That's too funny!! I may have to try this myself!!

Jman's momma said...

Funny stuff. My friend Amy had a funny one too because it pulled up mostly stuff about Amy Winehouse - eeeeeiick!!!

Mine was sort of funny. Chris' was boring except for one but it was so bad I can't publish...

And HOLD ON A MINUTE!!! T-REX eats??? YOu can't go there without me. WAAAAGHHHHH!!!