Friday, March 27, 2009

Mourning Willy T

Please join me in prayers for my precious friend, Robin, and her entire family. They lost their son, Willy T, at 8 months gestation recently. My heart aches more than I can express. This is a family that adores Jesus and is clinging to Him right now. They could use your prayers to strengthen them. Please go read, and leave a comment. Pass along their names to others who will pray.



Anonymous said...

Brandi I have been so touched with all of your kind words and your kind readers.
Thank you so much for lifting our family up to the Lord.
Hard times yes but God is with us.
I had just read your blog the day before on how Women in Africa give birth and most lose their babies and my heart was so touched by their pain.
Who knew I would lose Willy T the very next day..
Brandi and Gregg you guys are so about helping others and we love you ...

much love from the White house.

Angela said...

OH, Brandi your plea for this family and now this comment from the family...shows how God can work in all things....

lifting them up and you during this difficult time...