Wednesday, April 8, 2009

How Do I feel about Brent Riggs?

Hmmmmm. . . .this is my question today.

On one hand, I love Serious Life Magazine! It's a great, free magazine online that covers topics that are important to us and features bloggers just like us! I also love following their family blog and seeing pictures of their sweet kiddos and spending time praying for Abby.
Serious.Life Magazine

I'm also thankful that again this month they have chosen to publish one of MY articles! Thanks Brent!!!

Now, on the other hand. . . .since my article didn't have a picture with it, he chose one. Yes, he chose the picture of our family dressed for FESTIVUS! oh my dear! I have that on our blog, but I I also have the words "click here to see why we are dressed this way". I do that so that people know that we are not NORMALLY dressed like this!!! It shows our silly side. However, in the magazine it just shows the picture! Go now to read the magazine. . .and feel free to write the editor and tell him what a doodah he is for picturing us like this! hehe

Brent, now people will think this is how we normally dress! You are in big trouble!!! But. . .thanks for including my post!

PS: we are on page 126 and I've been contacted by Michelle about possibly being one of their featured blogs in a future issue. I'm thinking we should get a family picture taken ASAP!


Brittani said...

YES! let's take a new pic :) I think that is HILARIOUS! It is so cool that you are being published in this magazine! That is awesome!

jena said...

That is funny, funny, funny... only because it's not me!

Erica said...

So funny!! Way cool about being published!

Andrea @ The Train To Crazy said...

I'm dying. That is hilarious! And such a big picture!! Though, it seems pretty obvious you don't always dress quite like that! Too funny!

I loved that blog post though!

Joyful Living said...

OH Brandi! That is too funny!

Beautiful Mess said...

That IS great! Your gold pants are my FAVORITE! Sorry for the picture snafoo but your whole family looks beautiful and I have seen the picture before and not noticed the "festivus" attire.

The article was great. Thank you!

Glad you were published.

God bless you!

ps-I did email you--let me know if you never received it and I will resend.