Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Scared in Uganda

I'm here!  No time to write much b/c it's 1 am here and I haven't slept in days.  Thanks for praying, I've been feeling it already.  We had great seats on the planes, but I didn't get much sleep.  I did enjoy myself though.  . . .

In fact. . .how about joining me?  Since I don't have lots of interesting stories to write about, how about taking the time to click over to amazon and pre purchase your copy of SCARED.  I got a pre-copy from Tom and read it on the plane here.  That's what I spent my whole last flight doing =)

It was AMAZING.  Seriously, a must read.  I don't even want to write more for fear of giving it away.  It was thrilling, captivating, dramatic, engaging, heart wrenching, sob invoking, God speaking, revealing. . . .and so many more things!  Truthfully, I was excited but nervous to read it.  I mean, what would I have said if Tom's first foray into the fiction world was just "so-so"????  Thankfully, it was REALLY good!  You guys know me and I rarely encourage anyone to actually BUY things, especially a book (I'm a library girl, myself).   This is SO worth it though!  Really, go buy a copy.  You're going to LOVE it!  

I can't wait to read it again with you guys!  Really, even if you don't have a huge passion for Africa, but you'd like to learn and be sucked into a great story at the same time, BUY THE BOOK!  Comment on this blog and we'll do a whole blog party about it!  There is so much I want to post about it and my thoughts, wrestling with God and my emotions.. .but not until you've read it.  I feel like I've learned something and been changed by the very reading of this "fiction" novel.  Thank you, Tom.  You pretty much messed me up.


jena said...

Go to sleep!

Amy Savage said...

Can't wait to read it!! I'm headed to Amazon to buy it now. I figured it would be amazing. :) Have fun and hug some necks for me!

Dearest Jessica said...

Wow, now that is a catchy blog for a friend who just arrived in Africa! Way to scare a girl! Literally....

I am really looking forward to reading it. We should have a book club!

Amy said...

All I saw was "scared in uganda" and i thought you were "scared" in uganda.
I had to wait like 20 seconds for the page to load (b/c i downgraded my dsl to save $). Thats a long time to come up w/ different scenerios on what could have happened to you.
Anyway - gotta go - and buy a book!
Love ya and I cant wait to see pics.
P.S. dont forget to look for my little Joan, age 6, super cute.

Anonymous said...

can't wait to read it and can't wait to read your blog from this trip...praying for you and your group (and of course wish I could be there).
Love you - Renae

Beautiful Mess said...

I'll have to do it! Still praying!

Love, Jen

Cindy said...

So glad you are there, safe and sound! :o)

I can't wait to read this book!!! I ordered a copy last just trying to patiently wait for it to be realesed! lol

Many prayers!

brooke said...

Holy Cow! I'm with Jess, don't do that to us!! This is so bitter sweet to read all of this. I am hanging on to every sentence and I'm so excited for you :-) I'm anxious to hear more about your visit to Rapha!! Feel free to send us pictures any time :-) We're praying for you all!!

P.S. I'm sorry for the lack of communication before you left. We didn't have internet or email for over a week and things were just all-together crazy with the move!

I love you,


Brooke said...

I ordered Fields of the Fatherless, Red Letters, and Scared before I left for Mexico and they were waiting for me when I got home. As soon as I get a minute I'm going to start powering through them! So excited. Cannot wait to talk when you get back! Praying for you like crazy, and am so jealous that you're going to love on those amazing kids for the next week!