Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Right now: Flying!!!!

Wednesday evening: Arrive in Uganda.
Please pray for the girls to be able to fall into bed fast asleep. They will need this night of rest!

Thursday: Jinja (short visits with various ministries)
Please pray for the girls as they gel together as a unified group of believers.

Friday: Soroti (including Nabakalu which is sponsored by Summit in Naples, FL)
Please pray for the families of the girls back home. There are many husbands and children who are missing mama! By now, the novelty of mama being gone will be worn off. Praise God for the wonderful people helping with the kids! What a blessing it is to the girls in Uganda knowing their kiddos are in excellent hands!

Saturday/Sunday/Monday: Child headed households
Read more about child headed households. This is one organizations opinion. I don't agree with everything they said, nor would Brandi I assume, but it's a good article that will make you think and give you some background info on this crisis.

On a personal note, my son was living in this situation for a time in Uganda. It is real and too common there. I'll never forget when our facilitator said, 'Oh, it's no big deal. That's just how it is there.' As a mama who couldn't get to her son, it was almost unbearable to imagine my little five year old fending for himself.

Please, please, pray for these precious ones!

Tuesday: Jinja (afternoon at Rapha)

Please pray for Arthur and the staff at Rapha as well as the children who they serve. This organization is being sponsored by Brandi's home church, Westwood. What an incredible day!

Wednesday: Various ministry sites, market and fly home

Please pray for the girls as they pack up that they would never forget what they saw, heard, smelled and touched. I am fairly certain the girls will struggle with getting on that plane! They will be excited to see their family and friends, but they will never be the same!


Beautiful Mess said...

Thank you, this helps me with what to pray about.

Sunday said...

Hello Love, Your kiddo's are so sweet! They are having a good time. Of course the boys have paired off and so have the girls. So far everyone is getting along great. Let's hope for the BEST! We are headed to the pool! I love you friend, and your munchkins send their hugs and kisses to you! Love you, Sun

Terri said...

Been thinking about you and praying for you all day. I see that it is night there now and you are probably getting ready to go to bed. I hope the flight wasn't too exhausting ... but I'm praying that you sleep well and that God's angels will sing over all of you and you will wake up rested and ready for a new day. I love you !!!!!