Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The complexity of rain

It has been raining in Orlando for 3 days straight.  Morning, noon and night it's been raining.  

I am tempted to complain. . .and then I remember. . .I'm in my warm and cozy home, wrapped in a blanket listening to the rain on my roof.

This turns my thoughts towards others who may not have a roof over their heads during rain.  I think of how horrible it would be to sleep in a mud hut with a leaking roof.  Can you imagine sleeping on the dirt floor after it's been raining in your village for 3 days?  I imagine that the floor gets a bit muddy and the dry parts get harder and harder to find.  Now, imagine the dripping rain during the night.  

Here's where it gets tricky though. . .you live in an agrarian society.  You have been praying for your crops this harvest to be full and to feed your family through until next harvest time.  You need the rain for your crops to flourish.

Wouldn't that be tricky?  The very rain that you need so desperately to feed your family also causes sleepless nights and fear that your children will get sick.  

I have no profound words of how to apply this in my life or what it's teaching me. . .I just am so baffled by the complexity of that simple situation. . .rain.  and I complain that I can't take my kids swimming this week.  sad


Brittani said...

good thoughts. Brand. I agree that it is funny how we pray for rain, then complain about the hard parts about it. All together, if we could just trust God's control, nothing would merit complaining.

Vanessa said...

Brandi, You're absolutely right that this is a reality for WAY too many families all over the world!! I know I have been in many villages in Guatemala where I can't even imagine how they suffer during their rainy season because the house is in such poor shape! Lots of them end up sleeping on those muddy floors!! Praying together people can make changes all over the world for these people suffering so much!