Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Sweet Sale. . I had to share

Remember when I told you about how AMAZING Tom's new book "Scared" is? Well, amazon is doing a great sale and they are only $10 if you pre-order them now!!!! Click HERE to order now!!!

Really, I read this book on the plane TO Uganda, but thought about it the whole time I was there. The themes from the book kept playing through my head because I was seeing them lived out in front of me. I saw characters from the book in the people I met in real life. This book does a wonderful job of illustrating both the pain and beauty that is Africa. Check out the trailer for it too!
PS Remember to let me know if you get it! We'll do a book club b/c I think I want to read it again!


Lindsey said...

Already have it on pre-order!

Ashhog said...

I am ordering it!!

Andrea said...

Just ordered it!