Saturday, May 16, 2009

More Necklaces!

Wow, thanks for such a great response!  We sold 48 necklaces yesterday which means $480 for HopeChest Uganda!!!  Thanks a bunch from little ones, like these. . .
Buy a necklace because you love HER

And you know how stinking cute these are!  $10 per necklace (shipping is $2.50 for 1, $3.50 f0r 2-5, $5 for 5-10 and $8 for 10+)

Blue (there are so many shades. . .feel free to request a shade or just get one from the blue bag!)
Purple (my personal fave, which I wear ALL the time)

MULTI COLOR. . .everyone's fave.  They go with EVERYTHING and are extra long.  They'll definitely wrap twice, if not 3 times around for varying lengths.  With this kind, you'll just have to request multi, but won't be able to pick your exact one b/c each one is so unique.

BLUE Multi . . just like the others but with a STRONG presence of blue . . they are SUPER long too for wrapping multiple times

Black / Grey

I have ONE short black/grey

White / Tan (these vary in size (of beads) and color)


Mary Beth said...

I would like four multi-colored necklaces. I'll pay through paypal. My paypal name is caseypicker. Thanks!

Mary Beth Picker

Anonymous said...

What a cute model! Great job with the sale of the necklaces... I think I need to stop making aprons and learn how to make necklaces. Love ya, Mom Mac

Abby said...

That little model sure is a cutie! Tell her Tabby says "Good Job".

Jman's momma said...

the multi is my favorite. And even with my fat head I can wrap it up to 3 times. I have worn mine every day since I got home - it really does go with EVERYTHING!!!! I am saving for next trip so I can get many many just you did. Love them!!!!

Vanessa said...

Congrats on the success of the necklace sales!! You're doing some amazing and life changing works!!

The Herrenbrucks said...

I'd love a multi colored one. Will you be seeing Laura soon? I could give her my money to give to you. You can comment me on my blog or get their form Laura's Link on her blog. Pretty awesome what you are doing!

:) Erin H.

auntie katie said...

you go girl.

and i really wanna "talk" to you, your comment made me soooooo excited soooooo excited.

email me, so i dont post anything that might be private on your blog miss "i dont moderate comments" ;)

yes, i love love loved rias post and yes, it did make me cry.


Anonymous said...

Hi Brandi
We'd like to buy a necklace-I emailed you -

Laura said...

I think that I am coming home this weekend.

I want to see your face.

I love you

Kelly said...

Bran! I NEED 1 multi color one for now! I may need more later, but this will do. I will pay through paypal! You should probably just mail it!!! Love them!! Great job friend!!

The Herrenbrucks said...

Hi Brandi, I paid through PayPal for 1 multicolored necklace. Laura said she was coming home this weekend and that she could get mine from you and give it to me here in Naples! Thanks for doing this. I will link from my blog to try to get more support!

Anonymous said...

Ok - How do I order? I would like a multicolor and a blue multi. Please e-mail me at