Sunday, May 17, 2009

Prayer for Foster Kids

Tonight, all across the country there will be Prayer Vigils for Foster Kids across America.

Today, I am joining friends from my community in a day of prayer and fasting for the kids stuck in this system. I am praying for their safety, for families to rise up and get involved, for the voice of Jesus to speak to their hearts loudly about how loved they are by their Father and for churches across America to begin by LIVING Jesus to these precious children and their families.

Will you join us? It would be such an encouragement to my amazing friends who have jumped into this system to love one child and to be actively involved in making a difference in hundreds of other kids lives! Would you leave your prayer in the comment box? I'll forward it on to friends who are making a difference. . for them to be encouraged in others joining them in their suffering WITH (remember: compassion!) the kids in their communities.

PS: I'm reading "Castaway Kid" right now which is FABULOUS and will cause many prayers to well up within you for the children caught in the system.


Angela said...

Thank so much for came just in time...our 16 year old foster such a blessing and I can't imagine our lives without him. However, is not always easy.

We have had a difficult week, in fact many weeks are difficult.

I try daily to give this boy and our situation to the Lord...and know HE is in control...even when I feel so out of control...

God Bless you!!

Jman's momma said...

God, thank you for families like Lisa's, Jennifer's, Beth's, Rick's, Rebecca's, Meghan's, Stephanie's and so many more who have answered your call to love through foster care and foster to adopt. I know that these and all the other families out there have struggles that others do not understand or won't even try to understand. God thank you that You provide everything they need.

For those children who still wait - God I pray Your people will stand up as you have called and give these kids hope. There are so many families - God show us how to reach them, how to encourage them, how to break their hearts for these children. I know that a family is not a magical end to the hurt, struggles and grief that these kids have and are experiencing but it is a start to healing. That is my prayer for all the fatherless - that they will find refuge in You so that they may begin to experience a healing for their hurts. Continue to break out hearts Lord so that we will not be able to look away. In Jesus' precious Name, Amen.

Dearest Jessica said...

Thanks for coming over last night! I think through our community people with have a greater understanding of the kids that need our help living so close to our homes.