Sunday, May 3, 2009

Preaching in a Mud Hut Church. . .

Today was a precious, refreshing day.  We were able to sleep in a bit, which is good because we've been staying up REALLY late!  We headed to church in a village called Ogoloi which is also a potential care point! 

This village is out in the BUSH.  You can't see an electric wire for miles and in this area you can't even see other villages.  Just African plains, trees and huts everywhere you look.  Very cool.  There are a ton of huge trees too.  I can so picture a church partnering with this village and spending time there.  You could have VBS under the huge tree while eating mangoes that are just dripping off the tree.  When we drove up all 
of the children were waiting in the shade of the tree and singing for us.  The women were doing the scream/cheer that sounds very tribal and is so welcoming (I can't figure out how to write this to describe it well).  The children immediately began singing my new favorite worship song.  .  . "Why don't you praise the Lord, why don't you shake your head? Why don't you shake your body and praise the Lord."  cracked me up!  

It was a sweet church in a large mud hut.  There were probably 100 adults and another 100 kids.  We spent time in worship which was just adorable b/c there were 3 or 4 little ones who danced like crazy right in front of us.  Too cute!  

Then, it was time for the preaching. . . .
By the way, Did you know that it is customary for the visitors to preach?
Yeah. . that meant me.  seriously =)
I got up and gave a full on message. . .complete with 3 points. . .and had a man translate it into Ateso, the local language.  For those who are wondering, we talked about Gen. 32 and Jacob wrestling with God.  My 3 points were
1.  I need to know myself (admit who I am so God can change "my name")
2.  I need to know who God is (that He has good purposes in everything, so I need to hold on for the blessing instead of just "getting through" any difficult situation)
3.  I need to live changed.  (like Jacob when he walked with a limp for the rest of his days)

It was a great day and a fun time with the kiddos who showed up.  This area has 160 identified children.  20 are total orphans, approx 80 are half orphans and the rest are vulnerable children. . .many of whom have parents with hiv or alcoholic fathers.  The church has a "hope team" that ministers to these kids and is so excited about the possibility of having resources to continue their ministry!  The church will allow a care point on their land AND they already have clean water nearby!  It will be such a sweet spot for a church. . .maybe one of the ones represented here. . or maybe yours!  Email me if you are interested in any of these sites! (Brandi @


carrielkg said...

Weeping with joy today - I am so blessed to know you.

Beautiful Mess said...

Wow! That sounds awesome!

Still praying! :) Love, Jen

Brittani said...

Awesome! I am loving reading all that u you are doing while you are gone. We are praying for you. Love You

Andrea said...

I'm proud to say that you are a friend of mine. You are doing such BEAUTIFUL things! You are so passionate about these children and it truly makes you believe that ONE person definately CAN change the world. You're posts are so great it makes me wish that I could be there! Coming from me thats big! Oh and Ria taking the pics they are great. I SO want the little boy with his gut hanging out! Love you, Andrea

Vanessa said...

I'm VERY excited that things are going well! The Lord is changing many lives through you!

Brooke said...

Wow, wow, wow. God is so great! I'm so proud of you for sharing such a wonderful message that is so easy to relate to and inspires action! And, I am SO touched by this village and the potential there. I cannot wait to hear more about the opportunities for churches to get alongside these communities. Praying that the rest of your journey will be as promising at this day!

Erin Moore said...

Wow! Look at you getting your preach on in a prom gown and flip flops! Absolute perfection!

Seriously though, you are amazing! I am so glad that you are there loving God's people in such a tangible way!

We can all learn from your three point message, but also from the message that you are living every day.

Looking forward to connecting when you return!


Donna Barber said...

You go girl!