Monday, May 4, 2009

They need a home

We went to Rose's sister's house tonight.  Rose is the woman who drove with us here from Jinja to visit the little orphaned girl who got hurt.  She and her sister identified 25 total orphans and brought them to an orphanage outside Jinja.  The problem came when the orphanage wasn't taking care of the children.  Literally this little girl go an infection, swelled up and because no one addressed it she began convulsing. . .at this point they decided that she must be possessed and therefore should not be touched anymore.  When Rose arrived she says that the girl "looked like a corpse" and was not being helped at all.  

They transported her to a hospital in Soroti and she was finally released today.  Her hospital bill was 10,000 shillings and now it costs 3,000 shillings each day that she has to get her dressings changed.  This equates to $4.50 for her 3 day hospital stay and $1.20 per day for dressing changes.  This is a HUGE stresser for this family.  

I neglected to tell you that Rose's sister is already caring for 20 orphans in her home (along with 2 other aunties).  Her heart is so heavy with her responsibilities.  Now, she is considering needing to take the 25 children into HER home!  She said that she would rather have them all die of starvation together (knowing she'll never be able to feed all 45 children) in a home that is loving and is their ancestral/tribal home then have them neglected in an orphanage.

Please pray, Arthur is looking into how many children Rapha can take in.  They don't know if they have enough space or money to take all of the children in right now.  We will be discussing this on Tuesday.  We told Rose that we will help her find a place that will take care of them.  Pray for wisdom and discernment for us to find a place of safety for these children.  

After telling Rose that we will help her, she hugged me tightly and quietly commented,
"My tears have been compensated tonight".   


Tom Davis said...

We'll find a way to help her. No worries!

Terri said...

How tender and sweet is Rose's sister ... caring for God's precious children with such sacrifice! We serve a BIG God and I pray for His blessings to pour out upon this household. I pray that God will give your team (and CHC) wisdom and discernment as to how to meet these needs. It would be overwhelming if we didn't know that we served a generous, merciful God!!!!

Russ said...

Brandi, I don't have words. I will be praying ... my prayer list is getting long now from your trip.

Love your response man. That is as it should be. Keep up the good work, brother.

jeff and katie said...

PRAYING... praying...
Hearing and sensing God in all you guys are doing!! I pray that He continues to speak to your heart and others on the team. May His love flow to all the children you meet and touch! Thanks for letting us journey with you guys in spirit and prayer through your blogging.. keep it up!
love ya
Katie B.

andrea @ The Train To Crazy said...

Thanks for writing so much to help us connect with what you are seeing and experiencing. Keep it up and we'll keep praying!

Donna Barber said...

Oh my- where is the funds when you need it? I know-God's timing...
Anyone - anyone? :0)