Thursday, May 14, 2009

Ugandan Paper Bead Necklaces!!!


I brought back these gorgeous Paper Bead necklaces JUST FOR YOU!  Yes, these are the same as the ones you may have seen on the Today Show recently.  Ugandan women make these by rolling paper (torn magazines) and literally create treasure from trash.  They are very strong as well. . .I have 3 toddlers and wear mine almost every day and they are still in good shape =)

If you'd like a necklace, simply leave a comment or hit the paypal button on the side.  Unfortunately, I'm just using my personal paypal right now so there is no tax deductions or anything but I will tell you this. . . ALL THE MONEY GOES TO UGANDA!!!!!  So, make a difference, buy cute jewelry!  All necklaces $10 + $2.50 shipping (for 1) or $3 (for 2), $5 (up to 10), $8 (10+)
Just tell me in your comment or in the comment box in paypal what necklace you'd like (even, that blue one in the first picture. . .or the second one in)
These range in color from turquoise to greenish blue. . .let me know if you have a preference or I'll just pick one for you!
This is a pinkish, peachish, red. . .kinda hard to distinguish, but it looks GREAT with the white/tan ones and a green. . like an AMAZING combo!

Let the fun begin!  If you live locally, you can just comment and then we'll arrange to get it to you!  

PS I have TONS more and will just post them as we find time!


Anonymous said...

AHHH!! Love them and am thrilled to have the $ go to Uganda. :) I'll take the one on the far right in the second picture. You're the best!

Chris said...

Wow. I found your blog when I was on Tom Davis blog and I would love to have some in different colors. Thanks for putting all the money back to the Uganda people. A fabulous idea. How many do you have left? I would be looking for 5. Thank you Angie

Anonymous said...

hi brandi,

I would love to get 4. Orange, blue (Gator colors:), turquoise, and a tan. Thanks! Our paypal is under my hubby's name and I don't remember his password so I'll have him submit payment when he gets home this evening. Thanks!

~whitney w.

brooke said...

If you have any left, would you please save me 1 orangeish (the last color) and 1 turquoise. Thank you!

See you soon?!


Lisa said...

Hey! I just ordered three! Any colors - they're for myself, Olivia, and my mom... Can we just get them WHEN (not if!) we see you in June??? :)

Erin Moore said...

I am African bead crazy, wearing my necklace from Ethiopia and my bracelet from Darfur, but nothing from Uganda, so count me in!

I would like 3 of these beauties! Gosh its so hard to pick which one, I want them all! :-)

1) Blue (not torquise)
2) Green (2nd one from left in 2nd pic)
3) Red (the darker the better)

Thank you for selling these, I'm going to link from my blog!

Beautiful Mess said...

Hey there, I would like a green one. paypal name is "george p***"

Thanks! Jen

Anonymous said...

ME TOOO!!! I want a turquoise one!
I can give Rob a check to take to Greg at bible study!
Missing you guys! Lets get together soon.

Ria said...

Ummmm yah.... how come I didn't buy any of these to sell? I think my brain was fried by day nine... I've had friends and others asking if I have some they can buy. Should I just link them to your site... or can I buy some from you? Many many?

Jillian and Crew said...

Would love to get a few of these, please let me know what options are left...I would like to get a few different colors
PS found you through rlccrew on twitter

Kim said...

I would like one of the darker pink (last pic) and a greenish color if you have any left. I am not sure if we will be at church on Sunday but if you hold them for me I will get with you the next week.
Kim Solomon

Brandi said...


I have LOTS left! Multi color ones are super popular and I have a lot of single color ones too. . lots of blue and purple (my personal Fave!). . .I'm not sure of the rest b/c my friend has them at a graduation party tonight!

Just let me know what colors you are thinking!
PS Shipping costs have been added to the post now that I've actually been to the postoffice!


Andrea said...

I LOVE these necklaces!! LOVE them! My aunt just wore one today that I had brought back for her. This is a great deal!! I saw them selling these same necklaces - from Uganda - at Disney for $20 a necklace. And, I'm sure the money was not going back to Uganda. Great idea, Brandi (as always :) )!!

Cassie - Homeschooling Four said...

I LOVE my necklaces!! I've been wearing them everyday :)

Margo said...

Hi...I linked to you through Beautiful Mess (Jen) and sent the link to my distribution list yesterday. I already have orders for 8. However, I do not have a paypal will try to connect with you for payment. So far, one long grayish/black necklace. The other seven should probably be a mix of turquoise, orange/coral, white and tan.

maria said...

Hi! How much would it cost to send 12 of these to Portugal (Europe)? 8 multi and 4 blue multi.
Thank you!

Brandi said...


Sorry It's taken me so long to get back to you. I tried to email you but it didn't go through for some reason. I hope you check back here!

The cost for shipping is $12.95.

You will LOVE them! Just let me know!


Megan said...

Hi Brandi!

My friend in Ohio came to work with one of these necklaces that she got from her church, and I've been looking everywhere for them! Do you have any green and brown combinations? My email is - I look forward to hearing from you soon!

deena said...

I'm interested in the multi colored with the bright larger beads. Could you tell me if you have any? I also would like a bright orange (solid) and a few solid greens (not blueish)
Thanks-let me know what you've got
and thanks for doing this!
it's a great cause!

D said...

are you still selling these necklaces? i'm interested in the green one!

Alison said...

hi this may not be appropriate but I have been to Kampala a couple of times and retured with enough paper beads to sell and I am funding an orphanage in Entebbe. I have funded a new kitchen and am now working towards a new toilet and shower block. So my problem is I need to find a way of importing more beads. Sorry if this is a bit of a cheek but wondered if you might help. It it only on craft fair level and only in and around Bury St. Edmunds. Thankyou for any help you may be able to offer. Alison Brain.