Tuesday, June 9, 2009


$15,458 raised so far! ($345 toward our $2500 matching)
that's 110,414 meals or 5,521 people fed for 20 days!

Bob Mudd (the amazing COO or HopeChest) just got word from Joseph, our country director that he has an AIDS hospice that needs food for the kids. He said, "my heart is just so broken for them, can we please direct some funds there?"

I say HECK YEAH BABY! What do you say? Remember, we are matched dollar for dollar right now so your $5 becomes $10!

CLICK HERE TO GIVE (remember to write Feed the Forgotten in your notes)


steffany said...

Awesome a whole other chance for people to get involved!

Mark, Rebecca and Sophia said...

I appreciate your big heart!

Reese said...

Brandi, I'm curious to know exactly how this works. When money is donated, how long does it take for the food to be purchased? And where is it purchased, and what is the transportation time? Is the food immediately available to these villages? Who's matching the donations?

I will be arranging donations this week, but want to know more thoroughly the process and charity I am advocating.