Wednesday, June 10, 2009

What a Sweet Suprise

Awe. . .I pulled up the Serious Life Magazine for this month and saw this. . .

Imagine my surprise! We had talked about doing a series about Uganda but I didn't know that anything was in THIS issue! They used our Molly / Mauwa stories. Check it out and make sure to register for your Free Subscription! Brent Riggs and his team do a GREAT job and offering good, Biblical content that is entertaining, informative and passionate. Thanks Serious Life Magazine!

Please pray that some of their millions of viewers /readers will come on over and join our "Feed the Forgotten" cause! We only have a few days left to go. Our current total is: $15,900 (plus $2,500 of matching money still left to be released!). Our goal is $20,000 and we are hoping to get there this weekend. . then, it's time to wire Joseph the money and get those precious people FED!!!

Only $1,600 left to go. Want to be a part of what GOD is doing in Uganda? Want to save someone's life? Want to feed a child for $0.14? COME ON! Don't wait! Give today! (make sure to note: feed the forgotten in the notes!)


Amy Bottomly said...

You are BIG TIME on the Serious Life site. :)

You are pretty sweet stuff Brandy... Your kind words on the phone the other day were very affirming and just what this girl needed at that moment. :) Thanks for that. You are a little encourager!!!!! :) I look forward to meeting you in September! I just booked our hotel room... finally!

Amy Bottomly said...

And by Brandy, I mean Brandi.

Amber S. said...

You look beautiful in the picture, as always! So glad you are getting recognition and awareness for the people of Uganda. Love you!

Barbie said...

Wow, how exciting! What a great picture of you also! Congrats on being a cover model!

Dearest Jessica said...

That is such and honor!