Monday, June 22, 2009

Brayden is 5!!!!

My little boy is 5 today!!! I can't believe it! Brayden is such a treasure. He has a sweet heart for others and is so tender. He loves to wrestle with his brother, play house with his sister. He is just sweet with them. He even wants to buy them presents with his birthday money. He LOVES animals of all kinds, especially ones that live in Africa or in the ocean. He adores his grandparents and pretty much wants every day to be spent with Nana and Grandad or Grandma and Grandpa. He also loves his special friends and it's so sweet to watch them grow and now talk to each other about their weekly plans. Too cute!

Brayden is such a joy to us. He is grasp of spiritual concept is a joy to watch grow. He loves to spend time in God's word and to memorize scripture. He also loves to give. Last week he would find change and bring it to me, asking "can we buy food for people in Uganda with this?".

Brayden we LOVE you dearly and are so thankful for the wonderful gift that God gave us when he gave us you 5 years ago today.
I love thumb suckers! (Brayden quit sucking his thumb 6 weeks ago after his dentist told him to stop. . .from that moment on, the thumb hasn't gone in)
He LOVES his little princess Gracie.

Pirate Brayden for our Fall Festival
Brayden was so happy to have Davis home. He had prayed for this brother for so long and had carried Davis' picture in his pocket. He just kept hugging him. He showed him all the ropes and continues to be the consumate teacher. . .always saying "Davis, try this. You'll like it, I promise"
All boy! LOVING Monkey Joe's Inflatable Place
Festivus Silliness! He's so like his big cousin, Brennan in that he LOVES family time!

All 5 cousins. Brayden ADORES his cousin, Bradley (or as he calls him B-Rad).

So happy with himself for being the brave one and crossing the creek to the waterfall by himself!

Brayden, we join you in looking ahead to your future. We love you dearly and are so proud of the boy you are becoming!


Joyful Living said...

They grow SO fast, don't they!?!? Happy Birthday Brayden!

Laura said...

Tell him that Aunt Laura and Uncle Slim love him to pieces... and can't wait to go on vacation with him!

Cassie - Homeschooling Four said...

Happy Birthday Bray! Have a great day!!

Vanessa said...

Happy birthday to a wonderful little man!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, such sweet pictures of a sweet boy!! They brought tears to my eyes as you recounted little clips of his life! They grow too fast!! We had fun celebrating with him...hope he has fun tonight too! Love, Christie

Brittani said...

we are so proud of you, too... sweet boy! Happy Birthday!
Aunt Brittani

Linda said...

I was just thinking that I call my 6 month old granddaughter Princess Gracie as well.

amber g said...

LOVE the pics! (And the ones from your vacay!) I'm late, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BRAYDEN! Wow, five years old. Seems sooooo grown-up!!