Monday, June 22, 2009

Safety vs. Bravery

Sean Litton, a young successful attorney on the upswing of his career and supporting a family, felt the call to help the abused in the world. Gary Hougen in his book “Just Courage” writes about Sean’s struggle between SAFETY and BRAVERY. Sean’s choice to leave his rising career to run a field office for rescuing children out of sex slavery in SE Asia was a struggle. Many would call it crazy. Heck, many DID call it crazy! Especially since he had a young family and was joining a dangerous job in a 3rd world country! As Sean struggled he said this (taken from pg 122 of Just Courage. . .seriously, order this book NOW! I recommend this as highly as any other book I've ever read)

“4 things were holding me back from taking the plunge into “losing my life” to test Jesus’ promise that I would gain something more.

1. Comfort - the state of contented well-being. And we know what this is about: a nice pillow, a couch, air conditioning, a vanilla latte.
2. Security - freedom from danger
3. Control - having the power over circumstances and events to achieve a desired outcome.
4. Sucess - the appearance of wealth and the high regard of your peers

Comfort. Security. Control. Success. These are the four things Sean said he had to let go of in order to get the life that Jesus promised.

According to Sean, he got 4 things in return:
Deep knowledge of Jesus

Who among us wouldn’t want these?”
Powerful stuff. Do I want to be safe? or Brave? Reminds me once again of the line in CS Lewis’ “Chronicles of Narnia” when Susan asks “Is Aslan safe?” and the beaver responds, “No, but he is good”

Amen, amen, amen. . .my heart resounds. My heart longs not for safety but adventure, but when put in a position of adventure my heart is checked “do I trust HIM?”. Somehow I am made for this great adventure and yet it is the very thing that stirs up my greatest fears. I’m pretty sure that is an intentional move on behalf of my creator.

He made me to NEED to TRUST Him! If I ever want to live the great adventure that I feel deep in my soul, I must come to the edge of my greatest fears and jump. I must choose when it comes not just to lip service but to action, that I trust HIM and want to take the leap, like Sean did, into Adventure, Faith, Miracles and a Deeper Knowledge of Jesus.

“If you will lose your life for my sake, you will find it” ~ Jesus

PS: remember to go order your copy of Just Courage now. . .order it from the site and it will directly benefit IJM!


Diane Larson said...

Brandi, Just ordered the book. Thanks for all of the great recommendations. I don't know when you read all these books. I haven't even been able to read all the books your mom sent yet. We go on vacation next week and I am hoping to read lots! Noelle is doing better. I pray that she can attend school next year. Much love to you and your family!

Josh and Dana said...

This is a great recommendation! You've definitely got me wanting to read this! This hits at the core of something big beneath all of my "but what if" questions as I consider the call to things that are risky. Reminds me of Jim Elliot's quote: "He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose."


Lindsey said...

Just ordered my book...and a t-shirt with Africa on it that was in the IJM store. You know how I am about tees with Africa on them...they ROCK!

Brittani said...

ok, i am freakin out! this is exactly what the service was about at Geoff & Michelle's church on Sunday! What is God trying to say? Oh my!

Amy said...

I'm just going to start letting letting you write my blog posts for me since you seem to be reading my mind on so many things.:) VERY exciting, challenging stuff, Brandi. So happy to be on this journey of losing our lives to find them with you. Love! Amy

Reese said...

Brandi, Thanks for the book recommendation.

My eyes and mind have been so opened to the hungry, orphaned and enslaved around the world in recent weeks. It started with reading Red Letters, then Crazy Love by Francis Chan, and now Not For Sale by David Batstone. The thing is, that while my mind is exploding with the knowledge and my spirit coming alive for the first time in years (or ever in some ways), I'm the only one I know who feels a need to change and follow God in the way the Bible sets out. I'm excited and scared and uncertain of what God has for me, and feeling a little alone in my new zeal.

I like to come here where I feel people understand where I am.

Thanks. :)

Cindy said...

Amen, Amen and Amen! I am now looking forward to reading the book as well. Good stuff...great insight!!!!!! Love the "He made me to NEED to TRUST Him!" I'm with Amy...I'll let you write my blogs :)