Thursday, June 11, 2009

New Update

We only have $972.17 to reach our goal!!!!!! This would bring us to $17,500 and would release our remaining $2,500 of matching funds which would bring our grand total to $20,000!!!!!

Come on you guys, we can see the finish line! We have churches lining up to sponsor these sweet, hungry villages. . .we have over 300 HIV+ kids waiting for food when they come for ARV's. . . .ARV's that they CAN"T GET without proper nutrition!!!

Will you be a part of the plan? GOD"S PLAN to rescue HIS people! We GET to be His hands and Feet. . .we get to FEED THE HUNGRY! How great is HE?

Give HERE and don't forget to write "feed the forgotten" in the notes section when you give!


Dearest Jessica said...

Believing the Lord will provide! So excited to see how he does it!

steffany said...

God rocks!
And so do all the people who helped.
Praise Him.

CALL ME!!!!!!!

Amy Bottomly said...