Thursday, June 4, 2009

Pray. . .my neighbor is in danger

**updated Feed the Forgotten total: as of 11 am Thursday $8,024!!!!!!! that's 410 families of 7 fed for 20 days!!! Do the math. . God is using you to change the world. . keep going!

This sweet family had their entire business wiped out. Completely. In fact, it was so bad that they are going to have to work REALLY hard to have any money anytime soon. Unfortunately though, it's manual labor.

I say unfortunately because manual labor requires a lot of a person. And, like I said they have no money. Actually it's worse than that. They have no food. This means that manual labor is a bit difficult. Have you tried to do hard manual labor after not eating for 5 days? Did I mention that your neighbors have 5 kids? AND, they are taking care of another 5 b/c these kids parents recently passed away.

They haven't eaten in a week. There is no food in the house, there is none to be had. . .certainly the stores have them, but they don't have any money. There are no aid organizations providing food right now. And. . if they don't eat soon, they'll never be able to work and provide for themselves.

Picture it. Your next door neighbors living inside their home and dying. Going out into the backyard and eating your dog's poo. Grabbing leaves off the front bushes and telling the kids it's lunch.

Would you do something? God's word says, "Love the Lord you God with all you heart, soul, strength and mind and the second is like it, "love your neighbor as yourself."

I don't think any of us question whether or not Jesus was serious when he brought this up. However, do we question "who is my neighbor?" and "what does that love look like?"

I don't know if this is helpful at all but as I was praying today, I kept imagining what would I do if my actual next door neighbors were dying of starvation. What lengths would I go to? How long would I plead their case with others? How would I feel? Would my heart LONG to help them?

The people of Uganda ARE our neighbors. This isn't some "kids eat your veggies. . there are starving kids in Africa" conversation that is all in theory. These are actual starving kids in Africa. And, unlike when your mom used to tell you that and you would think "fine, send them my food!" this time you actually can. We have a country director in Uganda just waiting for funds to be sent. This means you can actually send your food. . in the form of money. You can use coupons, save $10 and donate that. You can choose to serve your family rice and water like Steffany did (please read her story!) and send the money. You can have a lemonade stand like Amber and the kiddos and raise the money. You can intentionally make daily decisions that might free up money to feed your neighbors like Jody is doing.

What would you do if your neighbors were starving to death in their own home. . .and you COULD act? Would you?

*NOTE: remember to write "feed the forgotten" in the notes section of your gift!

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