Thursday, June 4, 2009

Forgotten Tears

This is copied from Anne's blog. She was one of my amazing team that just got back. Please read her words and pray for this one girl and the many she represents.

Adacar in the Katakwi subdistrict of Uganda - isn't it beautiful?

And then...there was this girl...

I don't know her name.
I don't know her whole story.
I don't know if she is safe at night, if she is outgoing or shy.
Does she like to dance and sing?
What does she want to be when she grows up?

I just don't know many things about this girl. I will tell you what I know.
~she was in tears as we gave her food
~the tears streamed down her face the entire meal as she sat with her young sibling
~she was only taking only small bites leaving a majority of the meal for her sibling
~her parents are dead
~she has other siblings, 4 younger siblings total, I believe
~she is only 9 years old.

Here are some more things I know:
~I was lost
~I had no idea what to say to her
~I had no idea what I could do for her
~I could not tell her everything was going to be ok

~I CAN and will DO something for her, I can feed her and pray for herYou can too! $.14 will give her a meal. $.70 will feed her and her siblings a meal $21.70 will feed all 5 of them for a month GIVE and be sure to write FEED THE FORGOTTEN on the notes line/child reference line.

We want to provide food for to Kapelebyong, Usuk (also known as Adacar) and Ngariam for a few months until partnering churches are found. I don't want this to be giving that is done because of guilt - a fellow blogger posted wonderful words about this, please read here.Give because you genuinely care about what is happening in Uganda - and all over the world. We as Americans can generally eat at will. I have food readily available at all times. If tragedy struck us and we had absolutely no food, we have family to call on, friends to call on, a church family to call on, and organizations in the area to call on. Even during the hurricanes, there were MRE's being handed out left an right to make sure people were eating. I will NEVER starve, NEVER! It breaks my heart and I honestly feel I have to give - not out of guilt. It is out of a true love and concern for the people. And I know it is easier for me because I was just there and saw this first hand. I share the stories for this reason and I am so grateful to Ria for sharing stories through photos so you can hear and see. I am waiting for Pauline - one of the Teso widows - to email me back with more information about this sweet little girl and her family. I will share when I have it.

If you want to give but you think the amount is too small give anyway, remember what Jesus did with the little boys' lunch. The little boy gave all he had and Jesus fed thousands with it. If you want to give on a regular basis, please contact me. I know without a doubt that I want to put together a sponsorship for at least 100 kids of this area. So if you would like to be part of that, leave me a comment. (on Anne's Blog) Pray for all the people who are hungry at this very moment - not just hungry, who are literally starving and may be near death at this very moment. Pray that our Father is with them, so they know that they are not alone.

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jody said...

wow. she's beautiful. and it makes my stomach it should.
thank you ( thank Anne!) for sharing her story.