Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Running Totals!

Running Total as of Tuesday at 3:30 (mtn time). . .drumroll please. . .$6,130

Want me to spell it out for you again?
43,785 meals!
2,189 people eating for 20 days!!!!!

Does that pump you up? That's not even all of the money donated. . just all the money counted! We believe we'll even have matching money soon! Keep praying, keep writing about it! I know people are probably frustrated with us talking, tweeting, facebooking and blogging about this cause but man. . .if my little one were hungry I'd want my friends doing anything possible. Will we love the ones we've never met as if they were our friends? Um, sound familiar. . .love your neighbor as yourself. If Brayden, Davis and Gracie were starving I sure would hope that you guys would keep talking about it until you saw my children fed. Don't give up now! Plan to post on this at least a few more times this week, if not every 2 hours like sweet Wendi Henry. In the meantime, send me your stories. I know many of you are giving up meals, treats, birthdays, etc and finding that surprising people are responding to your call. Email me your stories and we'll post them here as an encouragement and challenge to others. brandi @ kidslake.org

Most importantly, are you praying? This isn't something WE accomplish, it's something we are allowed to participate in that is HIS work. Join us in PRAYER more than anything beseeching God on behalf of the hungry and begging HIM to send His provision. I have 2 songs running in my head constantly right now, "Send your Rain" and "Greater Things are Still to Come".

PS If you haven't given yet and want to. . or if you've saved (or found) a bit more change click HERE to give! (remember to put "feed the forgotten" in the notes section)

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Beautiful Mess said...

That does my heart so good! I was wondering if people would respond.

Praise the Lord!