Wednesday, June 3, 2009

1 meal a day?

Running Total: $6,130 (to be updated throughout the day)

I've experienced light hunger pains this week. Truly, I am grateful for them as they are a tangible reminder to pray for those who are hungry. Jena, Amy, Sarah and I decided to fast for the Feed the Forgotten campaign this week. It looks different for each of us, but I decided to skip breakfast and lunch each day and just eat one meal a day. What a learning experience for me

First, let me confess that fasting isn't a discipline that I've practiced like I should. For me, though, fasting just made sense when you were crying out to God for hungry people. I like physical things that teach spiritual concepts and fasting does this for me. My hunger pains cause me to think of and hurt for the hungry. Also, I realize that so much more goes into hunger besides a belly ache. . headaches, lightheadedness, weariness, etc. The only one I've felt are the headaches each day. . and that's with still drinking water and coke and having excedrin readily available! These are very real realities for many, many Ugandans right now.

It's 7 am there and there are mamas waking up to the reality of another meal that will pass without having breakfast to offer their children.

That's why we are working to feed them. They will be thrilled with the one meal a day that we will be able to provide.

Wait. That hits me in the head like a 2 x 4.

I'm struggling with cutting my food intake down to 1 meal a day as a sacrifice to fast. . .so that they CAN eat 1 meal a day. (hint: please write Feed the Forgotten in the notes section)

Lord, I don't know what to do with that realization. I'll confess, that hurts. Lord, help me to cut out my abundance so that they can have necessities. It seems so wrong. I'm not even sure what to do with it. . but please don't let me forget.

PS please join us in prayer! Especially today as we fly to North Carolina to talk to a group of people there about taking a strategic position in adopting an ENTIRE district of Uganda. hint: it's on the othe districts we are working to feed! Please join us in prayer. If you feel led to join in fasting, let me know how God uses it to teach you.


Maria said...

I have posted on my blog. I am moved. I will give and help. My donation might be small, but it won't be to someone who eats. Bless you for doing this.

Amy said...

Im going to join in fasting...............I was thinking the other day, Imagine how much money "americans" spend on products, surgerys, etc., that promise to help them to eat less. Billion or Trillions? We get our stomachs stapled, take any diet pill that comes out, try every diet, pray, anorexics, bulemics, and we cant stop eating. And even dying from diabetes and heart failures because of it.

****In America people are killing themselves from overeating and in Africa they are dying of starvation****


...and again....I imagine seeing my sisters from Africa one day, and having to explain to them my abundance and things I couldnt do with out. It sounds like a sick joke if i really would be faced in that situation and have to explain to my sisters that i really needed 20 pairs of shoes, cable, fancy "disney food", vacations, weekly movies/mcdonalds, etc. all while they and thier children were starving to death!

Love Ya!

Courtney said...

is giving through Hopechest tax deductible??? just wondering...i couldn't find it anywhere on the website.

steffany said...

You want stories of how FEED THE FORGOTTEN is impacting families and what we are doing....

You gotta read my latest blog post.

I'm so crying!!!!!

steffany said...

Talk about hearts being transformed.

steffany said...

It started out as a simple rice dinner to remember the children in Uganda, but it became so much more:)

Missy said...

Sorry I'm late joining in, but I'm here now and want to join you in fasting and praying. Tried to donate now, but am having trouble getting it to complete. Anyone else mention this? Maybe it's just my computer.
Love you,