Thursday, July 16, 2009

4th of July and Davis' Birthday

With such heavy posts lately, I realized that I haven't posted any kid pictures in a while. Sorry, Mom! =) Here our a few from July 4th with my sister and her gang as well as Davis' birthday. I'm not the best birthday party throwing mom, but we were able to celebrate for FREE since his birthday happened to fall on Cow Appreciate Day at ChickFilA. To celebrate Cow Appreciation Day, if you dress up like a cow, you eat free! It made for a fun day. I had originally just talked to my small group girls about dressing up and going after group, but my friend Abby and sweet sister Brittani also made an appearance. . .and well, Brittani always makes things more special. She showed up with a cake and balloons!

And on to the birthday pictures. . . .The Birthday Boy

Birthday Boy with his favorite cousin, Bradley
My herd. . .without Brayden who was still in NY with his grandma and grandpa. YES, of course I dressed up too! 1. I am cheap! 2. I like to be "fun mom" every once in a while!
Davis with his Aunt Brittani
Abby and her "herd"
Amber with hers. . .especially check out her sign =)
Sarah, who joined our small group THAT DAY!! Oh my, what an introduction to our group!
Whitney and Devin came too!
The kiddos with the ChickFulA cow. . .Gracie and Anna followed that cow around all day. . . they were obsessed with him!
Tying to get a picture of Gracie. . .she thinks "say cheese" means smile while dancing. The whole HOLD STILL concept is completely foreign to her!

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Sarah Smoker said...

Such fun photos! Davis' smile is AMAZING. Seriously, amazing! You have such sweet kiddos, Brandi!!