Monday, July 13, 2009

Bags of Hope

**I received this email this morning. . thought I'd pass it along to anyone local who wants to help! What a great ministry!!!

We will be going out into the woods for another distribution on July 24th (Friday) and for this trip our goal is 75 Bags of Hope, over 150 gallons of water, Dozens of hardboiled eggs, clothing, tents and tarps and many other items. Here are some items that we could use help collecting if you or anyone you know would like to help out. Feel free to forward this email out to any of your friends or acquaintances or contact me directly with any questions.

  • Canned (flip top lid) food items: ready to eat types (Ravioli, beef stew, soups, etc)/ Meats (chicken, beef or tuna) or Fruits.
  • Toiletries (shampoo, body washes, soap, toothpaste and toothbrushes, razors and shaving crème, deodorants)
  • OFF mosquito repellant
  • Tents or tarps (Used is fine…if anyone has any they no longer use) Tarps and rope are great also- Tarps can be purchased at Walmart fairly inexpensive…the larger the better. They use these to protect their tents that may or may not have leaks from the rains. The rope or string is used to tie up the tarps.
  • Clothing (slightly used is fine- all sizes from children to adult- for the adults usually smaller sizes meaning- there are not many large homeless people- most are malnourished or thin. I would say the women’s sizes range from 0-6. and the men waist size 32-34.) We are seeing a lot of children at the homeless soup kitchens right now since it is summertime- these children are used to eating free meals at school, but since school is out for the summer- they show up a lot at the soup kitchens- we are going to these soup kitchens and bringing clothing for them. The summer time is a great time to reach the children. Usually the parents tell you that they are not homeless –“just struggling or down on their luck right now” & maybe some are (for fear of losing their children) but it is obvious that some are homeless. You learn to recognize the eyes of the homeless- you just know. And with an estimated 2,700homeless children in Central Florida alone….there are a lot of children to reach.
  • Socks: Men and women’s (new please)
  • Hats: Baseball or other types are fine.

If anyone would like to donate any of these items I do have tax deductible receipts as we are a registered non profit. Donations may be left at the Cultural Center at Annunciation (there are two donation boxes in the lobby there) or at my home (Bags of HopeHeadquarters) 120 Essex Drive Longwood, FL 32779.

Thanks so much for any and all help you or those you know can offer and your prayers for this outreach and the homeless. We definitely need the help and all of the prayers. I hope that everyone is in good health and spirit!

Peace and Hope,

Rhonda Santolin

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Rhonda Santolin said...

Thank you so much for featuring Bags of Hope in your Brandi's Thoughts! Like you we are just trying to make a difference in the world one person at a time. You and your husband are wonderful examples to all of us of what LIVING OUT THE GOSPELS is all about- by your LOVE you are showing that you are God's disciples. What an honor to finally hear of all you are doing. I will pray for your missions and please pray for the homeless and The Bags of Hope as the homeless are invisible to government agencies and many members of our society- they desperately need our help- so that their HOPE can be restored...that is what Bags of Hope is all about- restoring their HOPE, as we believe that where there is HOPE anything is possible.

Thank you Brandi!
Rhonda Santolin
Bags of Hope