Sunday, August 16, 2009

Jody Landers!!!!

You guys have heard me rave over my friend, Jody Landers, before. . but I'm doing it again!

Jody, along with her sweet group of friends (especially Cassie and Amy) started Water4Christmas which has raised over 100k for water in LIBERIA!!!!

I love these girls. . they are stay at home moms who have chosen to use their voices and their talents to make a difference in the world.

I know Jody and the girls probably hate all this attention. . b/c they want the name of the LORD to be made GREAT. . .but it is through them that others are seeing Jesus and seeing the poor.

Thank you Jody, Amy and Cassie for following the Lords lead and making a HUGE impact in this world.

WAIT. . I'm not the only who thinks they pretty much rock. . .you know who does?


Yes, they have named Jody Landers as the "Remarkable Woman of the Week" for this week. This is HUGE! They are doing Water 4 Christmas spots during the week and have featured her online.

Pray with me that people will read about Jody and be inspired to make a difference!!

Congrats, Jody! I think that what God has done through you is truly remarkable! Thanks for being available and for choosing to follow HIS leading!


Anonymous said...

I want some of those water orniments this yr. They were sold out by the time I found out about them. I don't want to miss the boat this year.

Anonymous said...

Stay at home moms are the HEROES of our generation - led by Brandi!! Go get 'em!