Sunday, August 23, 2009

More than we expected

Soooooo many details to follow. . .this weekend in Cincinnati has been amazing on so many levels. God had great plans in store for us. . and they included more than just raising money for HopeChest (although THAT we did!) and connecting with people who wanted to know more about Uganda and orphans (though that we did too).

Read my sweet friend, Lindsey's blog about our weekend and what God did in her heart. Then, join me in praying for sweet Lindsey who is a warriorgirl if I ever saw one. . who loves Jesus and is ready to follow Him into the deep unknown of female friendships and greater intimacy with Him.

I LOVE how He has brought about exceedingly, abundantly more than we could ask or imagine this weekend. I told a friend yesterday. . .my life shouldn't be this good. No person should be allowed to watch the God of the Universe work this up close and personal. HE is GOOD!!!!


Cindy said...

I LOVE how you put that! "No person should be allowed to watch the God of the Universe work this up close and personal." I think I'm going to steal it!!!

Glad you had a great weekend in Cincinnati :)

Just A Family said...

hey Bran!
Hey we want to sponsor a child.
Can you help us?

love you and your passion,

call me 466-5645

Anonymous said...

It is incredibly exciting to see how God is using you girls. You get to see heart change and WORLD change! I love it.

Brittani said...

YEAH! Awesome News about the party! Great Job, Sis

Sarah and Davis said...

Hey, Brandi! It sounds like you have been really busy lately! I sent you an email a few weeks ago to the two email accounts I had for you about helping out with Swaziland. I'm not sure if you got them. I'd love to catch up when you get a minute (do we moms ever have a minute?!) and talk about what you are up to and how we can help. I'm friends with Meggan too and she told me to contact you. Hope to talk soon! (;

Love, Sarah