Thursday, August 6, 2009

Swazi Update!

Thank you, thank you for stepping up to the plate!!! Of our 230 kiddos at this carepoint in Swaziland, we have had people step up to advocate for 140 of them! This means we still have 90 kids. . .90 precious little ones who need someone to BE THEIR VOICE!!!

To speak, plead or argue in favor of
1. One that argues for a case; a supporter or defender
2. One that pleads in another's behalf; an intercessor

Will you use YOUR voice, YOUR influence to make a difference in children's lives? You can "sign up for" a certain number of these kids. . .say 10, 20, 25, 50 of them. We'll give you their names an profiles and you can be in charge of finding them sponsors! This way, you can literally make an eternal difference in the lives of these kids!

Who will do it?????? I had 250 people read my blog yesterday, I've had 5 step forward. WIll you????

**email me at or leave a comment. . if you leave a comment make sure I'll have some way to answer you though!!!

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