Saturday, August 8, 2009

YOU can be involved!

If you've been following the Swazi updates you know that we have 230 kiddos who need sponsors to love them! I've been asking for people to step up to advocate for a group of these kids for the past few days. They have stepped up!!!!

Check out these girls and their blogs to give them some encouragement and thank them for stepping up to speak up fo
r the fatherless in Swaziland.

If you've been following the story and your heart has been torn for these kids but you haven't felt like you could take on a whole group of them to sponsor. . .

well, how about just one? Would you consider giving life to one precious child in Swaziland?

For $34 / month you can make a difference! Email me or leave me a comment with your contact info and I'll get you signed u
p. I have 30 kids who need families to step up for them. What does that mean, you may ask?

1. $34 / month sponsorship to HopeChest (you can may monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly or even pay a whole year all at once $408)

2. You will get a specific child to pray for, write to and love! They are profiling the kids now so it may take a couple of weeks but we are hoping to have sponsors lined up for all of the children by the time the pictures / profiles are ready!

3. This individual sponsorship idea is new to HopeChest, who's passion is to see community to community sponsorship. But, with so many across the nation wanting to be involved, they've come up with an innovative solution: Connect Communities! We're forming a "community of sponsorship" for this care point. This means that this particular care point is "our" community to take care of, and getting a sponsorship for each child is just a part of it. Being part of the community of sponsorship means that you will have access to an online community that will give you frequent updates on the care point. Your sponsorship community will focus on specific projects for our care point as they come up (for example, perhaps a well at some point so these kids can be drinking clean water), and there will be an annual trip planned so that anyone who wants to visit our care point will have the opportunity to go there and serve.

In fact, I will be heading there in February!!! There are 14 other carepoints at least that need sponsors so if you know of a community leader or pastor who'd like to join me on that trip, let me know! I'll be able to visit "our" carepoint and upload lots of photos, videos and stories about YOUR kids!!!

You ready? Want to save a child's life for $34 / month? I have 30 kids on my heart (ok, all 230 are on my heart. . but I have 30 with no one to speak for them. . .so I will!) 2 have already been spoken for which leaves us with 28 opportunities to LIVE OUT Jesus' words to care for the orphan!!!


Mandy said...

I'd love to sponsor one Brandi! My heart will always be in Swaziland. Let me know what info you need.

Brandi said...

Mandy!! I can't figure out how to write you back b/c there is no email attached!

Email me! I'll put you on the sign up sheet and I'll have a picture for you in the next few weeks! You rock!