Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Want to be a Swazi Advocate?????

I am THRILLED to announce that 2 girls have stepped up to be Advocates for some of our precious Swazi kiddos! They will be gathering 80 sponsors. . .but the carepoint we found has more kids. 230 to be exact.

Do you want to be involved? You know. .involved in changing the lives of precious orphans across the world. . .feeding the hungry. . clothing the naked. . providing medicine to children who would die without it. . yep, that's the opportunity we are giving YOU!!!! and all your friends and family that is!

We need 150 more kids sponsored or spoken for! What will you do now that you've seen their faces? Can you stand up to sponsor one? Can you use your voice to be their advocate? Can you post this on your blog or facebook?

let's do this thing. . together. . today!

**Leave me a comment to tell me how YOU will get involved. I'll respond via email (


Amanda said...

I will help!!!! I am willing to do whatever I can!!:)

Anonymous said...

GREAT post Brandi.

Steve said...

What does it cost to sponsor a child?
We want to help.

Brandi said...

Steve, I don't have an email and your blog profile is private so I hope you get this!

It costs $34 per month to sponsor one of these precious kids! Would you like to sponsor one? Even better, would you like to become an advocate for a number of them and utilize YOUR network to get 10, 25 or even 50 kids sponsored?

Feel free to email me if you have ANY more questions! I'd be THRILLED to help!