Friday, September 25, 2009

How Far Will You Go?

I want to introduce you to 3 guys today. . .guys that are proving that they will go to ANY length to see kids fed. Kids they may not even know. . .kids who are starving halfway across the world. Ok, let me introduce these crazy fellows.

First. . .you have Bob Mudd.

Bob is the COO of Children's HopeChest. If you look up "straight and narrow" you get a picture of Bob! He is the organizer, the consumate professional. He left his job as the head of a very well performing telcom business to be the COO for HopeChest. Could you see him dressed in a skirt? Um. . .your answer is NO.

The picture is Vince on the left and Bob on the Right. . obviously. . that's me in the middle :-)

Vince Giordano is next. He's the director of Outreach and Partner Relations at HopeChest. Vince is Mr. Macho. . .he's a black belt in kung fu. . .MMA fighter kind of guy (yes, I had to learn what mma stood for :-) He also has multiple tatoos (am I allowed to tell that, Vince?!) Right now, we tease that he's Mr P90X work out guy. . .yeah, not the kind of guy you picture in a pink tutu, right?

Russ Weir is next. Russ' name may be listed next to Bob's in the dictionary. He's an executive at a major oil firm and is a numbers guy. He's wicked smart (ok, all 3 guys are) and most of the time I only get about 25% of what he's actually saying to me! Yeah. . you don't see him wanting to wear a "Warrior Girl" shirt, do you?
Well. . . ..these guys may be "guys guys" and may be fairly straight laced. . but they share one thing. They are absolutely passionate about orphans. They have all 3 recently taken up running and have decided to do a half-marathon. I'm running it with them! But. . they've decided to put themselves out on a limb and say one thing. . .if we raise enough money, they will all 3 run in sparkly pink tutus and warrior girl shirts!!!

Will you help? Will you join us in raising money that will support orphans in Uganda and Ethiopia? This is a GREAT cause and the pictures will be super fun too!

Personally, my goal is to raise 5k for this race. Will you help me get there? I'm willing to do something silly too. . .I'll race in a tutu but I know it's not that funny! If you have an idea. . and have some $ to put behind it. . I'll do just about anything! :-)

Go to to donate or go to and put marathon - Brandi in the notes section!!!!


Helping Africa said...

I support an orphanage of 19 kids in Jinja,Uganda and I
have started a Christmas fund for the kids.
This fund will either
be used to purchase gifts and pay the postage for the items or the money will be
sent to the orphanage and they will decide what to purchase. It will all depend
on whether or not my friend will be able to visit the orphanage and take the gifts when she's in Uganda in Dec.
You can make a donation here
The kids are so needy and they all sleep on the floor.
There has been a drought in Uganda and they are almost always
low on food. They have been eating ONLY beans and corn meal
for most of the year. They need food with more nutrients.

If I purchase their gifts I will send school supplies, a little candy, a few
small light weight toys and maybe socks and other needed things. I know it's a
little early but maybe everyone will want to
contribute a litte to the kids. The kids will be so happy to have a nice Christmas!

Also I have necklaces handmade by the kids for sale on my site.
Their $6 each and make great Christmas gifts while helping orphans
at the same time.

Cindy said...

Brandi...that is hilarious!